5 reasons why you need legal help for your Birmingham divorce

The life-changing moment when you realize that your marriage is over can be troubling. You have to figure out your life from scratch, and it isn’t easy, especially because you will have to go through a divorce fast. Even if you are resilient, divorce can test your patience and will. If you want to file for divorce in Birmingham, you must get legal advice from an attorney. Here are five reasons to consider.

  1. County laws and requirements may vary: In Alabama, you can file for an uncontested divorce, which is unlikely to take long. Even in such circumstances, you need an attorney to understand the laws and requirements, which can vary by county. Lawyers who have years of experience practicing in Jefferson County can guide you better.
  2. Protect your interests: No matter the reason for your divorce, you should always do everything to protect your rights. People often make the mistake of rushing through the process because they want a divorce sooner. Unless you speak to an attorney, you can never be sure of whether you are agreeing to the correct terms.
  3. Get the paperwork right: In an uncontested divorce, you are required to file a separation agreement, which must be acceptable in court. There are clauses and details that need attention, and if the language is not right, the judge may just reject it. An attorney can ensure the legal work is correct, which can cause unwanted delays.
  4. Focus on your life: Hiring an attorney also takes off the pressure of dealing with everything alone. Your lawyer is your advocate, and if yours is a contested divorce, they will represent you in mediation or court. You don’t have to rely on guesswork at each step.
  5. Expertise always counts: Skilled divorce lawyers have handled numerous similar cases and understand what it takes to help a client. Online DIY divorce services are never comparable to the experience of an attorney. There could be aspects unique to your case, and an attorney can offer bespoke advice on those aspects.

Final word

If you have no understanding of Alabama divorce laws, you should always seek legal advice. You can check online for local listings in Birmingham or ask around for references. Meet at least a couple of attorneys to find the right one, and don’t be afraid to ask the tough questions, including their fees and other details. For uncontested divorces, you are likely to pay a flat fee. 

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