The Rise of Nomad Internet’s 5G Service: Revolutionizing Rural Connectivity

Nomad Internet is pushing the boundaries of high-speed internet services in rural communities by evolving the landscape of internet connectivity in the United States. The company’s state-of-the-art modems, powered by C-band spectrum technology, have significantly boosted productivity levels among its users. In fact, a recent survey indicated that 57% of its customers believe the new modem to be more efficient and able to reach higher productivity levels, compared to previous offerings.

5G Enabled Through a Reseller Agreement

In a first-of-its-kind move, Nomad Internet operates through an authorized reseller agreement with a major carrier. This creative and strategic partnership has allowed the company to provide internet services to rural areas at a scale unmatched by competitors, offering performance speeds equivalent to 5G services typically found in urban centers. This capability has significantly bolstered Nomad Internet’s standing in the industry, putting the company at the forefront of the sector with the most robust spectrum portfolio across low, mid, and high band spectrum. The agreement has been met well by customers, too. Through customer feedback surveys, it’s been learned that, by all accounts, the agreement has not only improved service, but improved customer relations, as well. 

Connecting Rural Customers in the U.S.

A predominant force in the delivery of fixed wireless internet service, Nomad Internet’s endeavors to connect America’s rural communities have been met with overwhelming positivity. The company’s state-of-the-art hardware, enabled through the investment in C-band spectrum technology by an exclusive wireless carrier partner, has garnered widespread praise from customers for the high-speed internet access it provides.

The recent customer survey served to further underscore the significant productivity gains derived from using Nomad Internet’s latest modem offerings, namely Nomad Air, Nomad Ark, and Nomad Raptor. These advanced modems, built to deliver the highest-performing 5G service, have substantially enhanced customers’ internet access experience over previous modems and technologies.

10,000 Customers and Counting

As it stands, Nomad Internet provides a reliable, high-speed internet connection to more than 10,000 customers across the United States. The company’s primary focus is on bringing affordable fixed wireless internet solutions to rural communities, but it also serves a diverse customer base, including on-the-road travelers, RV parks, and campgrounds across the country.

Partnering With Internet Leaders

Since November 2022, Nomad Internet has engaged in an exclusive partnership with one of the nation’s leading wireless carriers to improve the speed and reliability of 4G, 5G, and LTE internet access. This has been a major step in providing underserved consumers in rural America with the same high-quality technology that urban dwellers typically enjoy.

Positive Customer Feedback

Nomad Internet’s survey, which was conducted this month among more than 200 of its rural customers using C-band spectrum through the new modems, yielded some noteworthy insights. A majority (77.6%) were at least ‘3 out of 5’ satisfied with their new modem powered by Verizon’s C-band spectrum. A notable 40% reported that their new setup was at least 50% faster than their previous one. Additionally, 77.1% expressed a similar level of satisfaction (at least 3 out of 5) with their internet speed. Nomad Internet’s CEO, Robyn Weber, described the evolution of the company’s offerings and the resultant benefits to customers as immensely rewarding. Weber praised the deployment of higher-speed internet access enabled by Verizon’s continued investments in C-band spectrum, and acknowledged the crucial role played by Verizon Wireless in helping bridge the digital divide across America. The CEO also expressed gratitude to customers for their valuable feedback and insights on their experience with the technology to date.

About Nomad Internet

As a leading wireless internet service provider in the United States, Nomad Internet plays a significant role in connecting rural communities across the nation with high-speed internet. Unlike traditional wired internet services, Nomad Internet offers wireless internet access directly to homes, businesses, and even to those on the move. With this groundbreaking technology, customers can stay connected wherever they are, without the need for cumbersome cables or wires.

The introduction of Nomad Internet’s new 5G modems powered by C-band spectrum technology has revolutionized rural internet connectivity in America, demonstrating the company’s commitment to innovation and customer service. As Nomad Internet continues to enhance its services and expand its reach, it remains committed to its mission of connecting all corners of the country with reliable, high-speed internet access.

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