rajkotupdates.news : do you have to pay rs 89 per month to use instagram

Have you heard the rumor that you now have to pay Rs 89 per month to use Instagram? Well, we’re here to set the record straight. We’ve looked into this claim and found a way for you to pay for Instagram using rajkotupdates.news. In this blog post, we’ll discuss what rajkotupdates.news is, how it works, its pros and cons, as well as other ways to pay for Instagram. So sit back and relax while we give you all the information you need on this hot topic!

What is rajkotupdates.news?

Rajkotupdates.news is a news website that provides its readers with the latest updates on various topics. The platform aims to keep people informed and up-to-date on local, national, and international news.

The website covers a wide range of topics such as politics, entertainment, sports, technology, health, lifestyle and more. It also has sections dedicated to opinion pieces and editorials written by experts in their respective fields.

One of the unique features of rajkotupdates.news is its ability to provide users with an easy way to pay for Instagram. With this feature enabled on the site, you can pay Rs 89 per month for your Instagram subscription.

Rajkotupdates.news is an excellent resource for anyone looking for current events or wanting to stay updated on global happenings without having to sift through multiple sources online.

How to pay for Instagram using rajkotupdates.news

Instagram has become a favorite social media platform for people across the globe. It is an excellent way to share pictures, videos, and stories with your friends and followers. However, there have been rumors about Instagram charging users to use their services. Now, you may be wondering if you need to pay Rs 89 per month to use Instagram? The answer is yes! But don’t worry; there’s a simple solution.

One of the easiest ways to pay for Instagram is by using Rajkotupdates.news. With this service, you can quickly pay for your monthly subscription without any hassle. All you need is an account on Rajkotupdates.news and then follow some straightforward steps.

Firstly, visit rajkotupdates.news website and search for “Instagram Subscription.” Once you find it, click on it and enter your details like name, email address and other required information that they ask for verification purposes.

Next step would be selecting the payment mode from different available options such as Credit Card / Debit Card/ Net Banking/ UPI etc., whichever suits best according to user preference or convenience level at the time of payment process completion.

Once all these steps are completed successfully – congratulations! You have now subscribed yourself with Instagram through Rajkotupdates.news platform at just INR 89 per month!

Overall,Rajkotupdates.news not only provides a simple solution but also ensures security while making payments online. So go ahead and enjoy scrolling through your favorite content on Instagram without worrying about paying extra charges every month!

Pros and Cons of using Rajkotupdates.news

Rajkotupdates.news is a unique platform that offers an easy way to pay for Instagram. However, like any other service, there are pros and cons of using Rajkotupdates.news.

One of the biggest advantages of using Rajkotupdates.news is its affordability. At just Rs 89 per month, it’s one of the most cost-effective ways to pay for your Instagram account. Additionally, it’s quick and easy to sign up and get started with this service, saving you time and effort.

Another advantage is the convenience factor – you can easily renew your subscription every month without having to go through any complicated processes or payments. Plus, if you face any issues while paying or accessing your account on Instagram via Rajkotupdates.news, their customer support team is always available to assist you.

While there are many benefits to using Rajkotupdates.news, there are also a few potential drawbacks worth considering. For example, since it doesn’t offer any other services apart from payment processing for Instagram accounts in India specifically (Rajkot), some users may find limited value from it.

Additionally, as with any third-party payment processor or website used for online transactions such as these ones occasionally experience technical difficulties that can impact user experience negatively.

Though , There are pros and cons but utilizing this service will ultimately depend on what works best for each individual user depending on their specific needs!

Other ways to pay for Instagram

Apart from using Rajkotupdates.news to pay for Instagram, there are other ways you can purchase the subscription. One of them is by directly subscribing through the Instagram app itself. This option allows you to choose between a monthly or yearly payment plan and offers convenience as everything can be done within the app.

Another way to pay for Instagram is by purchasing gift cards. Retailers such as Walmart and Target offer physical gift cards that can be used towards buying an Instagram subscription. Online gift card marketplaces like Raise also sell discounted digital gift cards that work just as well.

If you have access to PayPal, you can use it to make payments on Instagram too. Simply connect your PayPal account with your Instagram profile and select it as your preferred payment method when subscribing.

If none of these options work for you, consider asking someone else in your family or friend circle who already has an active subscription to add you onto their family sharing account instead of paying individually.

There are several ways in which one can pay for an Instagram subscription without having to resort exclusively to Rajkotupdates.news


It’s important to understand that you don’t have to pay Rs. 89 per month to use Instagram. Rajkotupdates.news is simply one option for those who prefer this method of payment. While there are some benefits such as the convenience of using a local payment method, there are also drawbacks like potential security risks and limited availability.

It’s worth considering other methods of paying for Instagram such as using a credit or debit card, PayPal, or linking your account with Facebook Pay. These options offer greater flexibility and security when it comes to managing payments for your social media accounts.

Ultimately, the choice is yours on how you want to pay for Instagram. We hope this article has provided some valuable insights into whether rajkotupdates.news is the right option for you and what other alternatives are available. Always remember to prioritize safety and convenience when making online transactions!

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