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The Voice of Finland: A Guide


You might have heard about the Voice of Finland, but what is it exactly? The Voice of Finland is a singing competition show that airs on Finnish television. The show has been running for six seasons, and each season features aspiring singers from all over Finland who compete for a chance to win a recording contract with Universal Music.

The show is hosted by Lauri Ylönen, who is also the lead singer of the Finnish rock band The Rasmus. He has been hosting the show since its inception in 2012.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Voice of Finland and want to know how to watch it, keep reading. In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the show, including how to vote and who’s winning this season.

What Is the Voice of Finland?

The Voice of Finland is the biggest singing competition in the country.

It’s open to anyone who wants to take part, and there are three rounds of auditions that participants have to pass in order to make it to the live shows. The judges are looking for vocal quality, stage presence, and the ability to connect with the audience.

The winner gets a recording contract with Universal Music, and the title of The Voice of Finland.

Who Are the Finalists?

The Voice of Finland is coming to an end, and the finalists have been announced. There’s a wide range of talented singers in the running, and you’re sure to find someone you’ll love.

So who are the finalists? Let’s take a look. There’s Vilma, who’s known for her powerful voice and emotional ballads. Jouni is a rocker who isn’t afraid to belt out a tune, and Ari-Pekka is a country-boy with a heartwarming voice.

Then there’s Essi, Anna-Marija, and Jesse, all of whom are young and ambitious. And finally, there’s Tommi, who’s been dubbed the dark horse of the competition.

So who will be crowned The Voice of Finland? You’ll just have to wait and see.

What Are the Rules of the Competition?

The Voice of Finland is a singing competition that has been airing on Finnish television since 2007. It’s one of the most popular reality shows in the country, and each season, aspiring singers compete for a chance to win a recording contract with Universal Music.

So what are the rules of the competition? Basically, singers perform one song per episode, and the four coaches (or judges) then have to decide whether they want to mentor that singer or not. If more than one coach wants to work with a singer, then they go to a battle round, and the coach who wins gets to keep the singer on their team.

The competition is open to all singers aged 16 and over, and there’s no limit on how many times you can audition. So if you’re feeling brave, why not try your hand at The Voice of Finland?

How Can I Watch the Show?

If you want to watch The Voice of Finland, there are a few different ways you can do it. You can go to the website and watch the episodes online, or you can download the app and watch them that way.

But if you’re more of a traditional person, you can always watch it on television. The show airs on Nelonen every Thursday at 8:00 PM. So mark your calendars, because you don’t want to miss out on any of the action!

When Is the Finale?

The Voice of Finland is coming to an end soon, but don’t worry, you still have a chance to see your favorite contestants perform live! The Finale is on April 6th, and the show will be airing from the Hartwall Arena in Helsinki.

So who’s going to win? That’s anyone’s guess, but we’re sure it’s going to be a close race. Make sure you tune in and see for yourself who comes out on top!

Who Are the Past Winners?

So who are some of the past winners of The Voice of Finland? Well, we’ve had some great talent walk through those doors over the years.

One of our most successful winners was Saara Aalto, who is now a judge on The Voice UK. She’s been a massive success in both the UK and Finland, and her career is still going strong.

Then there’s Michael Monroe, who won the competition in 2016. He’s a rock singer from Helsinki, and he’s been performing since he was a teenager. He’s released six studio albums to date, and he’s toured all over Europe and North America.

And let’s not forget about Krista Siegfrids, who won the show in 2013. She’s a pop singer from Helsinki, and she’s known for her powerful voice and energetic performances. She’s released four studio albums so far, and her latest one is called Rainbow Warrior.


The Voice of Finland is a wildly popular singing competition that has captured the hearts of viewers all over the country. If you’re curious about what it’s all about, or if you’re thinking of auditioning for the show, this guide is for you.

In this guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know about The Voice of Finland. We’ll tell you about the rules of the show, the audition process, and what to expect if you make it to the finals. We’ll also give you some tips on how to prepare for your audition and how to improve your singing skills.

So, what are you waiting for? Start reading!

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