12 Perfect Baby Shower Gifts for Mom

In all the excitement of welcoming a new baby, the mom-to-be is often overlooked. Most parents anticipate being inundated with typical shower gifts that will help prepare for baby’s arrival. Most moms-to-be do not expect to receive gifts for themselves, but with all the hard work and upcoming sleepless nights, every mom deserves to be pampered. Celebrate the upcoming arrival of the baby by recognizing and celebrating the mom-to-be. Here is a list of 12 shower gifts specifically for the mom-to-be.

1. Pregnancy Shoes

A woman’s feet will change and may swell during pregnancy. As weight increases and the center of balance shifts, good footwear is essential to provide stability and support. The good news is that functional shoes don’t have to be ugly! Treat your mama-to-be with supportive, cute, and comfy pregnancy shoes that don’t compromise on fashion. 

2. Pregnancy Pillow

Provide mom-to-be with the comfort she needs during her pregnancy. As baby grows, so does mom, and finding a comfortable place to sleep will become more and more challenging. During pregnancy, a pregnancy pillow can help relieve some of the aches and pains to ensure that mom-to-be can get quality sleep.

3. Spa Gift Box

The spa can be a great way to ease aches and pains associated with pregnancy, especially if you can do it at home! Encouraging mom to make time for herself and relax is such a thoughtful present. You could also include a spa gift card for a truly special gift.

4. Compression Socks

Mom might not think to splurge on cute compression socks for herself, but by promoting circulation, she will be able to help relieve some of the pregnancy swelling. A pair of these will go hand and hand with her new pregnancy shoes. Much needed relief for mom!

5. Restaurant Gift Card

Getting a healthy meal on the table when you have a newborn can be a challenge! It’s never a bad idea to give a restaurant gift card as a gift! Then moms (and dads) can choose either a to-go service or take the family out to eat if they feel up to it.

6. Maternity Robe

A maternity robe is a versatile essential that can be worn from pregnancy well into parenthood. The main difference between a maternity robe and a standard wrap is the amount of fabric. As a result, it will fully cover mama’s bump while she’s carrying her baby and make her feel extra-comfortable postpartum. 

7. Dark Chocolate

Many people enjoy chocolate as a tasty treat. In moderation, dark chocolate can actually be beneficial during pregnancy! Dark chocolate contains flavonoids, which are powerful antioxidants. There is evidence linking these flavonoids to improved blood flow, positive pregnancy outcomes, and reduced risk of preeclampsia. A dark chocolate treat can also curb sugar cravings during pregnancy. When it comes to giving the gift of dark chocolate, you can’t go wrong!

8. Yoga Ball 

Perfect for relieving pressure, especially in their lower back, pelvis, and spine. A 65-centimeter ball is recommended for balancing and core strengthening workouts, while a smaller one can be used for leg lifts and the larger one for arm workouts. After baby is born, they can bounce while rocking their little one to sleep. Keep in mind that high-quality pregnancy shoes are essential for even gentle workouts to prevent injury. 

9. Maternity Support Belt

Despite your friend’s brave face, expectant mothers carry an extra human (or two!) for 40+ weeks, which can put added strain on their backs, hips, pelvises, and ab muscles. A maternity belt can help offer support and compression when they need it most. Talk about useful pregnancy gifts.

10. Organizer/Planner

Keeping track of important dates and events becomes even more challenging after becoming a mom. A day planner can help mom to put some structure back into her life by writing down her entire day and week, as well as filling in all the details she needs. Additionally, day planners usually fit into purses or diaper bags. Nowadays, there are some great planners available to help new moms keep track of all their tasks!

11. A Personal Blender 

This gift will be great for making quick healthy smoothies. The importance of getting those vitamins and nutrients cannot be overstated. A small personal blender is perfect for pureed veggies or fruit. It will also come in handy for quick meals when the baby comes, and they are too tired to cook – think pancake mix and nut butters on the go. Yum.

12. Fuzzy Slippers

What could be better than soft, cozy slippers? While pregnancy shoes are perfect during the day, slipping into a pair of comfortable, warm slippers at night can ease swollen feet. Just like pregnancy shoes, slippers can help mama feel relaxed and supported throughout those exhausting nine months and beyond.


Showering the mom-to-be with gifts is one way to show your love and support. With the ideas we listed above, it may not be as difficult as you thought to choose gifts for the pregnant mama in your life. Whether you choose a pregnancy pillow, maternity robe, or a pair of supportive pregnancy shoes, a meaningful gift is sure to make her feel special, loved, and even more excited about the arrival of her new baby!

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