Five ways you can instill values in a growing community

Societies are built upon cooperation amongst individuals. In highly-civilized communities, collective interests take precedence over individual interests, which, in turn, allows them to move towards progress. The less polarized society is, the more it is likely to evolve.

People who think beyond their interests are the ones who help society grow. However, there are various prerequisites to this, and the process of instilling these values in people is long. But once the process reaches maturity, the results become manifest.

Since education begins at home, the process of building a sense of civility too begins at home as well. Parents teach acceptable behavior to their children and then teach them to interact with people inside and outside their homes.

At school, a child learns to interact freely with people they are not related to. As the child grows, their behavior evolves, and they learn to see themselves as part of a collective group, which in this case is their class.

Later, when these individuals grow up, they play a significant role in society and help it evolve. Some pursue professions that directly relate to society’s welfare, while others pursue careers that affect a community in one way or another.

The choice of career is a significant one. While people in developing countries tend to opt for IT, which brings foreign exchange, others can opt for medicine, psychiatry, and other fields that have a direct social influence.

Nowadays, various degrees cater to changing times. One such degree is DrPH, and you can find multiple DrPH online programs if you are interested. Other degrees can also help you boost your credentials if you wish to play a critical role in implementing change in society.

With that said, the essence of this article lies in understanding how the process of bringing about change works. This process can be critical in growing communities because there is space for change, and while you may still face challenges, the result will be worth the effort. 

That said, this guide aims to help you out in this regard. Following are a few ways you can instill values in a growing community.

  1. Protect the oppressed:

Oppression is a social evil that needs to be tackled by everyone in the community. There are various manifestations of oppression, each of which affects society differently. 

However, regardless of the form, oppression certainly damages the social order. As a responsible citizen, you must respond to oppression by opposing it.

For example, if a particular group within a society is discriminated, it is the collective responsibility of the people to defend the group. 

Moreover, if you find racism around you, you must speak up against it. Once you raise your voice against social injustice, others will follow suit, triggering a domino effect that will ultimately bring about justice.

  1. Protect the environment:

The environment is rapidly changing due to climate change, and the entire world needs to play its part. However, change begins at home, and if everyone starts taking baby steps in this regard, things can be improved. 

As an individual, it is your responsibility to play your part in preventing environmental degradation and informing others of the harms of climate change and the importance of preserving the environment.

You can do this by planting trees and starting a plantation drive in your community to encourage others to do the same. You can also create a campaign to appraise people about other steps they need to take in this regard. 

This will eventually lead to the community caring more environment.

  1. Take care of the poor:

Not everyone lives in privilege, and if you are among those who have the means to live comfortably, you have a responsibility toward those who are struggling to meet their daily needs. 

While various charitable organizations are trying to help the poor, unaddressed economic inequality is constantly bringing more people towards poverty in multiple parts of the world.

Therefore, every responsible individual has a duty toward the less privileged. Consequently, you need to identify people who need assistance and spare some of your income to help others. While it is good to conceal one’s charitable acts, if you need to inspire others towards charity, you can lead a fundraising campaign to help those in need. 

  1. Offer free health services:

This one applies to doctors and social workers particularly, as they have a crucial role in this regard. Medical treatment can be costly in countries without universal healthcare, leaving many in turmoil with zero access to good healthcare facilities.

If you are a doctor or a social worker, you can offer free health services to the people or organize free medical camps, respectively. This will ensure that people who cannot afford quality healthcare are provided the medical attention they need. 

If you have other doctors or social workers in your community, you can work with them towards this goal. As more and more people get together for this, it will inspire others to do the same.

  1. Teach for change:

Considering that teachers have significant responsibility, they need to take steps to influence societal change. Therefore, teachers must execute their duties honestly to deliver the maximum results.

As a teacher, you can foster a sense of community building in your students and teach them to stand against racism and to co-exist together in harmony. Moreover, you can teach them to think out of the box to enable them to excel in their respective fields, which, in turn, benefits society.


This list is incomplete, and there are various ways to bring about a prosperous community, but we decided to limit this article to a few points. Therefore, the tips mentioned above can help you instill values in a growing community. 

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