Ten Essential Things to Keep in a Car During Road Trips

Road trips are the perfect time to explore new places and see the sights, but there are some essentials you’ll need to keep in a car during road trips. These things will help you avoid inconveniences and ensure you’re safe and secure. Here are some of the ten essential things to keep in your car during road trips.

First-aid Kit

Make sure you have a first aid kit small enough to fit into your trunk but big enough to hold all the essentials, including bandages, gauze, and alcohol wipes. You should also pack some essential medications that you know your family might need on the road, such as cold meds, pain relievers, and anti-diarrhea medication. Also, check the expiration dates of medicines before adding them to the kit.

A Spare Car Key

A spare car key can be beneficial in case you lose your car keys or lock them inside the car. You can still call an automotive locksmith to help unlock your vehicle and retrieve your keys. However, make spare car key from your local dealer, not just any source.

A Multipurpose Toolkit

It’s a good idea to keep a multipurpose toolkit in your car. You never know when you might need it, whether you want to change a tire, tighten a hose, or something else. A multipurpose toolkit will come in handy for those things and anything else that might go wrong on the road.

Foam Tire Sealant

A foam tire sealant will help you plug small punctures that can cause significant problems later. Also, remember that you must get a suitable adhesive for your particular tire.

A Tow Chain

A tow chain or cable is an essential item on any road trip. If you get into a ditch or become stuck in sand or mud, your tow chain will help you pull yourself back out of the situation.

Cell Phone Charger

It’s wise to keep a small cell phone charger in your car, especially when traveling far away from civilization areas like deserts, forests, and wilderness parks. A dead cell phone isn’t much of a problem in a city where you can find a pay phone. However, if you’re out of town, you won’t be able to use the phone for help.

Map or GPS

A map or GPS will help you know where you are and where your next stop is so that there are no surprises. You can pick up a map at a gas station, convenience store, or travel center.

Jumper Cables

A set of jumper cables is one of the essential things to keep in a car during road trips. It will help you start your vehicle in case your battery dies.

A Flashlight

A flashlight will be handy at night, especially when you need to jot down directions on a map or something else. Remember also to purchase some extra batteries for your flashlight.


You should also include towels in your list of things to keep in a car during road trips. They’ll come in handy if you get stuck in the rain, spill something on the vehicle or have an accident.


These are just ten essential things to keep in your car during road trips. As you can see, taking extra precautionary measures is wise when you’re on the road. The best way to have a successful road trip is to ensure you have all essentials before you leave.

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