Upscale Image with Waifu2x Instead of Resize in 2022


Although the “Full HD” or 1080p standard (1920 x 1080) is still widely used, many new TVs now offer a 4K resolution, which is 3840 x 2160 pixels. You may have seen that not all of the video you watch, especially the older stuff, is at 4K resolution on the screens, but they still feel like HD quality with better pixels and clarity. Wondering how?

TVs generally use an image upscaling process to enable the display of lower-quality images and video on high-resolution screens. Since a 4K screen has an identical four-fold increase in resolution over a 1080p screen, displaying each pixel of a 1080p film as a square of four pixels on a 4K screen would suffice for very basic upscaling. 

Now, here, how can you upscale the image without losing its quality? Upscaling an image usually decreases the quality, making it look blurry and hazy. If you are also taking the same, then you are not alone. 

That’s where Waifu2x comes into the role. This tool helps you upscale an image without sacrificing its quality. Keep scrolling the page and find how image upscaling is much better than resizing or any other option. Want to know more? 

What is Image Upscaling Exactly?

Before you jump into the detailed process, let’s find out what image upscaling is. The actual process of upscaling involves analysis using an interpolation method. The interpolation algorithm uses the higher resolution image to do its computations.

In most cases, the device has to guess what colors would be present between many pixels. Upscaling an image means there will be pixels of the same color. One of the easiest ways to increase image size is to replace each pixel with the nearest pixel in the output.

Using waifu2x, you can upscale the image without sacrificing its quality. Image Upscaling can also make pictures look more realistic when displayed on a computer.

What is Waifu2x?

So now you are aware of the upscaling image process, it’s time to understand a bit about Waifu2x to get a better idea. Waifu2x is a web resizer that enables rapid and easy scaling of your photos or photographs.

This tool can process, resize, and eliminate any noise in any picture simply by submitting it, thus producing astounding results. With the help of Waifu2x, you can enlarge your photographs without sacrificing quality or being fully pixelated and achieve the best result.

The word Waifu2x is a combination of two words – Waifu and 2x. A female character is referred to as a waifu in anime, and the 2x stands for two-times magnification. You can use this image upscaled to enhance the quality of various images in addition to the anime-style artwork.

How to use Waifu2x for Upscaling Image?

Are you ready to get started? Here’s the step-by-step guide to using this professional image upscaled to achieve the best outcomes. Let’s have a look. 

  • With any web browser, including Chrome, Safari, Edge, Firefox, or Yahoo, you can use waifu2x. The website should be your initial stop after starting your browser. 
  • Once there, you can select your image file to upload by clicking the Choose File option.
  • Waifu2x offers five levels of noise reduction: None, Low, Medium, High, and Highest. According to your needs, you can pick the best one. You can also choose to scale from None, 1.6x, or 2x at this point.
  • The resultant photo can be viewed when you click the Convert button. That’s all!! The Download button can be used to save the outcome to your computer if you are happy with it.

Features of Waifu2x

You’re trying to figure out how to make your pixel arts bigger but not sure how to accomplish it without sacrificing quality. The best answer to your issue is Waifu2x. Here are some of the features of this tool that make it worth considering. Let’s get right in!!

  • This image Upscaler helps you enlarge images without losing their quality or being fully pixelated. However, it would help if you recalled that you might not get the best results with photos or photographs that aren’t anime or manga style because Waifu2x photo editor specializes in those images.
  • Depending on your option, you can download your pictures in either PNG or JPEG format. Use whichever you prefer because the outcomes will be excellent in both situations.
  • Most of the Waifu2x utilities are free to use, making it an ideal option for budget-savvy users.

Is Image Upscale With Waifu2x Without Losing Quality?

Yes, absolutely. Waifu2x gives an immediate result and is simple to use. You can upscale quickly and without sacrificing image quality by using this editor. It can easily enlarge pictures that are input at a lower resolution. This tool can make images look better on-screen or make them fit more comfortably on a page. So, consider trying this tool and get an upscale image on the go.

Is Waifu2x a safe tool?

Yes. Waifu2x is legitimate and secure for users to access. Since the data transferred between your browser and the website is encrypted and unreadable by others, it is safe and secure. Add this tool to your collection and get the desired outcome with ease.    


So, that’s all about it!! We hope you have understood everything about the image upscaling process and the best tool to get the results. It’s no wonder that image upscaling loses some details, but if done correctly with the appropriate tool, it helps gain clarity beyond expectation. 

So, what keeps you waiting for now? Add the Waifu2x tool to your app drawer and get high-resolution images without compromising the quality. 

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