Top Tanzanite Jewelry Trends for the Summer


Summer is here, and with it comes various new fashion trends. One of the hottest trends this year is Tanzanite jewelry, and most women are turning to this beautiful bluish hue stone to look their best this season. Be it a Tanzanite necklace, or Strontium titanate bracelet, or an amethyst ring, all of these have one thing in common. They all look good in light colored summer clothes like a shirt, gown, white shirt, etc. And always remember to keep also your things safe in jewelry boxes so that it will be useful and easy for you to take them

Here are some of the most famous jewelry trends that help you look your best this summer:

1. Mixing And Matching Earrings: You can try combining a Tanzanite earring on one side and a Lapis Lazuli earring on the other side. You can also try out other multiple styles too. Even the one earring trend is coming along in a big way this year. Notable fashion designers are also experimenting with ear cuffs on one side and studs on the other. 

You can try wearing diamond studs along with tanzanite earrings studs so that a contrasting white-blue hue combo is formed.

2. Statement Necklace: You know the age-old safe side necklace choice is to wear a diamond or other similar necklace. But these days, a new fashion trend has emerged, i.e. bold Tanzanite necklaces which can make you truly stand out among the crowd.

Granted, delicate necklaces in a more minimalist style are not only unbelievably elegant; instead, they are entirely on-trend. 

But for those women who want to stand out in the crowd with an eyecatcher, Tanzanite necklaces come to their rescue. The Impressive and unique designer Tanzanite necklace can instantly turn a simple outfit into a more refined creation and make you look only the best.

3. Layering Up:

Layering Up means mixing different types of necklaces to create a layer of unique designs. For example, you can mix a Sapphire necklace with a Tanzanite necklace or even try wearing a Shungite necklace along with a Tanzanite pendant since those two colors will look contrasting.

Try to combine two different necklaces of varying lengths and textures to create a simple but exciting necklace design.

Try to explore different materials and colors to define your style of fashionable jewelry designs and what works best for you.

4. Multiple Rings: 

Are you still wearing only one ring? Then it’s high time that you get introduced to the latest in the fashion world. Multiple rings are a thing, and it consists of you trying to combine different rings on one hand as much as possible; the more, the better it will look. Try to mix other delicate diamond engagement rings rings like Tanzanite, Sapphire, and Rubies on one hand or even on the same finger. 

You can also try mixing and matching different styles of rings like an animal-themed ring, Lapis Lazuli ring, diamond rings for women, Amethyst Sterling Silver ring or even a Tanzanite too.

You can even take this ring trend further by placing three small rings on your index finger, your wedding or engagement ring on your ring finger and some minimalist animal-themed ring on your pinky finger too. You can use varied ring materials like white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, and sterling silver for a more attractive look.

5. Bi-Color Matching: 

Are you looking to match silver and gold jewelry items? Then forget about this since it’s an old trend. The latest trend is to

use such a unique piece as the basis for your outfit that it adds to a subtle yet eye-catching look. For example- You can mix a deep blue Tanzanite necklace with a dark red Ruby pendant or a white Strontium titanate pendant with a green Sapphire necklace. This is a good combination.

If you want an even more ultimate bi-color matched fashion style, then try mixing two-thirds of your jewelry in gold and the remaining one third in sterling silver.

6. Big Hoops: 

Earrings can make a style statement in itself too. Hoops specifically come in varying lengths, sizes and types too. You can buy a gold plated hoop and spice up your styling quotient with Tanzanite pendants or a Tanzanite necklace with diamond beadings and a nice Lapis Lazuli tennis bracelet.

If you consider yourself fans of the trend can take it a step further by personalizing the earrings with a hanger with their initials and personalized gemstones, too, according to zodiac signs.


Jewelry fashions keep on evolving but one thing which you should keep in mind is that whatever fashion suits your unique self try to capitalize and focus on that rather than just blindly following the trend.

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