6 Ways to Make Your Elevator Ads Stand Out

Consider the average elevator experience – how does it typically go? You’ve got a minute or two in an enclosed space, usually with strangers, and everyone minding their own business.

Add in a dash of boredom and awkwardness, and you’ve got a setting where anything is a welcome distraction. That’s where ads come into play, and where your brand can capitalize on this chance to deliver a compelling message.

Elevator ads are a unique format, but they’re more relevant and effective than ever. Let’s talk about six ways to get results from elevator advertising and convert customers on their vertical journeys.

1. Pick Your Spots

Location is everything in the advertising game, especially when it comes to the elevator format. It’s not just where the ad is displayed within the confines of the movable carriage, but also in which venues the ads are placed, the time of day they show (in the case of digital), and more.

This is the art of targeting with precision, and it should be your top priority. Decide first your prime demographic, discover where they live, shop, and spend their time, then determine how your ads should be positioned both in physical space and in terms of timing throughout the day and week.

Top marketers know the importance of targeting to a T, and all those skills must be sharpened to succeed in elevator ad placement.

2. Simplicity Wins

The elevator is not the place to deploy ads with long-winded paragraphs and complicated messages for viewers to decipher. 

Simple is the name of the game here, so any complexity should be abandoned from the outset.

Keep your product or service front and center, with recognizable branding and a coherent message. You may only get a passing glance from elevator riders as they come and go, so that window of opportunity is small.

If you can’t convey your main message in an elevator ad in three to five seconds, aim to make it more concise. This isn’t a feature film, it’s an ad!

3. Strong Imagery 

Pictures are worth more than words these days, with the wide array of digital formats available in elevators, you need to use imagery to your advantage. 

While flashy videography may seem abrasive or annoying, relaxed images and slideshows could be more effective.

Remember that you’re competing with phones and other attention-grabbing gadgets in the elevator, so images should be compelling without going over the top. 

4. Include Information

Many elevator displays offer info like weather, news headlines, sports scores, and stock market tickers. These are things that elevator riders want to know, so they are less likely to pull their attention away from the screens as they travel up and down the building.

For advertisers, that’s good news, because it means you have an audience already paying attention to the display – half the battle has been won. 

Therefore, be sure to pair your ads with useful information when you launch a campaign, or have another source of info on the screen at the same time. 

5. Add a Social Edge

The best ads start a conversation between people and create engagement beyond the two-dimensional screen. Since elevators are often filled with families, friends, and strangers, you can make your ads more effective if they spark a social interaction of some kind.

Humor is the best ice-breaker, of course, so you get immediate points if you can make people laugh at the same time in the elevator. You can also portray a relatable experience in the city or the neighborhood that people can agree on.

As long as you steer clear of controversial issues and political messages, you can bring people together in a positive way and likely earn some new customers in the meantime. 

6. Clear Call to Action

Your ad may cause people to strike up a conversation or give a feel-good boost for the day, but what do viewers take away from the experience when all is said and done? This is why a call to action is so vital for elevator ads, and how you can get more conversions with a simple change.

It’s as simple as reminding viewers to go to a website, save a date, make a phone call, or visit a nearby location. There’s also the opportunity to drive traffic on social media and gain followers that way.

Incentives always help, as well. Display a welcome offer or discount code specific to the elevator ad campaign. This gives them a real reason to get on board. 

Bring Your Ads Up a Level

Elevators are a part of daily life for millions of city-dwelling people around the world, and a huge opportunity for your brand. Create ads that make an impact and get customers inspired to discover more about your products, using these tips as a guide.

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