Why You Need Medspa Facials 

    Self-care is no longer viewed as a form of vanity or being frivolous or indulgent, once in a while we do need to take the time off from our busy work and life and prioritize ourselves and feel better about it. Rest and relaxation are important, and we tend to accomplish more if we reward ourselves with a short break from all the hectic deadlines and complicated life that we all lead. This is the market that most spas have targeted and they are indeed enjoying the thriving industry. Despite the many spas that are already on the market, there seems to be no shortage of willing and paying customers. In the past going to a spa was a luxury or something that you will go to once a year and you saved up for it the whole year. But now, spas are everywhere and it has become more accessible and affordable, which is a result of the intense competition in the market that high-end spas are now just for a very specific clientele, why do the majority of those who frequent spas go to the medium-range spas as the rates and services are very competitive. These spas offer a variety of services including medspa facials, massages, body scrubs, foot and hand spas, and other treatments all designed to make clients feel good about themselves. 

    Spas used to be only for the aesthetic aspect such that their services were directed at beautifying their clients, helping them achieve great skin, stave off wrinkles and remove pimples and warts, and foot and hand treatments to improve the appearance of the feet, hands, nails. All of these are done in a relaxing atmosphere where you get to experience being pampered and your comfort and needs are the priority. It is this experience that most loyal spa customers come back for, it is not really in the quality of the services although it is also a factor in choosing which spa to go to, it is more of the overall experience that people keep coming back for. 

What is a medspa facial? 

    Lately, there has been a shifting focus on how spas provide treatment and to stay ahead of the competition there is now a shift towards providing medical quality treatments, which does not only improve the appearance or the aesthetic aspect of the client but also provide medical treatment for such conditions which is now referred as medspa facials. For example, in the past facials were done just to clean the face, and then to remove the unwanted blackheads and pimples, and then to moisturize the face. Nowadays, facials include the use of medical-grade serums that are filled with antioxidants that can treat pigmentation, blemishes, acne, and other skin conditions. Moreover, facials now use medical-grade instruments like micro-needling, LED light therapy, platelet-rich plasma, and more. There is also a wide range of medspa facials that any client can choose from, depending on their needs and age. There is a special kind of facial appropriate for teenagers and one for older clients. The facials are given by well-trained and certified nurses and specialists, which greatly improves the quality of service provided to the client. These facials cost hundreds of dollars, but you also get to enjoy the pampering and treatment which are safe, sanitary, and medically safe. They use skincare products that have been developed by dermatologists and have passed scrutiny from accrediting agencies in the state. Medspa facials are now the in-thing as it answers the needs of the patient to be given treatment that can improve their skin condition and also their self-esteem and confidence. 

What are the types of medspa facials? 

    Medspa facials generally refer to medical-grade spa facial treatments and there are several types that the client can choose from to suit their needs and skin conditions. But whatever type of facial it is, it always involved deep cleaning, exfoliation, and hydration. They have facials for men, women, and teens, they also have one for older people whose facial skin requires a more mild and rejuvenating treatment. There is a series of facials that are called hydrafacials which is the most popular choice among clients as it is non-invasive but very effective. It can also treat acne, dry skin, and wrinkles and is considered to be less invasive as it does not use harsh chemicals like those used in peeling and dermabrasion. It works with all skin types and for any skin condition. The different medspa facials vary in the length of treatment and the kind of skin products used as well as the inclusion of specialized services for each package, the rates range from $169 to $325. There are also facials designed for men, as they have very different skin as compared to women. It involves brow cleaning, scalp massage, exfoliation, hydration, and a finishing mask. The teen facial focuses on oil control and treatment of acne as this is common among teenagers especially when their hormones go haywire. 

Where to get medspa facials? 

    Medspa facials are available at any medical spa clinics or centers, since this is a new branding, there probably is a handful of medical spas in your area. Also, you might want to check the spa listings in your area and visit their website so you could learn more about the spa clinic. There is also several information on the website that would help you determine the treatments that they offer and whether you will be interested in them. it also provides the price for each of the medspa facials so you can at least estimate how much you will be spending in the spa. Most of these websites also have the facility to book your appointment so if your vacation leave is coming up or you already have plans to get some rest and relaxation then you can book an appointment at this point. This would also tell you if your planned dates are not fully booked and they could still accommodate you. Most people who go to a spa spend the whole day or two in it, so you need to make sure that you have the time. 

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