Pest Control: The Top 7 Scents That Prevent Bed Bugs

If you’ve ever woken up at night, scratching vigorously across your itchy skin, you might have been bitten by bed bugs. Since these pests feed on your blood, bed bugs could be one of the culprits for your sleep problems. They are nocturnal, which is why they attack while asleep.

Bed bugs in Alliston are most commonly seen on beds and sofas in Toronto. They prefer to hide in dark places to avoid being discovered and to make it easier for them to target their host. Due to their tiny size, getting rid of them is never simple.

However, there is an alternative way of getting rid of bed bugs—utilizing DIY approaches that employ smells. There are some odours that bed bugs despise, and applying them can help you quickly resolve your problems.

  • Fresh Mint

While most people enjoy the scent of fresh mint, bugs detest it. As a result, mint is one of the products you can employ to get rid of bedbugs that have been keeping you and your household awake at night. Peppermint has a characteristic odour that will make insects in your home feel uneasy almost instantly

It will be much quicker for you to exterminate pests using mint leaves. Boiling mint in a kettle of water is the finest way to harness its power. The strong aroma will be released, and it will travel throughout the house.

To flush out the bugs, boil the mint and apply the solution in locations where the bugs hide. You could also put the solution in a squeeze bottle and sprinkle it on mattresses and linens in your bedrooms. The aroma of peppermint in your home will drive away pesky bed bugs.

  • Alcohol

The fragrance of alcohol repels bedbugs. Spraying alcohol in spots where bedbugs hide can help you get rid of them in your bedroom. Alcohol has been demonstrated in numerous studies to irritate the bodies of bugs. There are numerous alcohol-containing products on the market.

You can also use alcohol-based skincare products to keep bugs away from you. The ideal time to use these items is right before bedtime. However, you must exercise caution in selecting cosmetics as they may irritate your skin. If you’re allergic to alcohol, you should use other scents that repel bedbugs.

  • Cinnamon

Bed bugs also dislike the scent of cinnamon. It can deter the insects because they can’t take the aroma. Apply the ground Cinnamon over your bedding to ward off bed bugs and prevent them from returning. Cinnamon is a potent solution in warding off bed bugs that it is often used as a component of several bed bug remedies available on the market.

  • Lavender

Lavender plants have long been thought to be one of the most powerful natural insect repellents. The aroma of ubiquitous lavender oil may be nice to us, but it is extremely irritating to bed bugs. As a result, employing the oil or the leaves of bed-bug repellent plants can be quite effective in removing bugs from houses.

The oil of lavender is non-toxic. It’s completely safe to use in your household. All you have to do is use enough of it in all of the rooms that need to be bug-free.

  • Powdered Pepper

Bed bugs despise the scent of pepper, particularly powdered pepper because its active components and aroma repel them. This item is normally found in every kitchen because it is used in cooking. It can thus be bought in a variety of retailers around you.

  • Lemon

Lemon juice, as well as other citrus scents, have a strong odour that many bed bugs can’t handle. You’ll need to spritz lemon in the infested area every day because of its harsh characteristics that can kill bed bugs.

  • Vinegar

Vinegar has acetic acid, which makes its odour highly efficient in repelling bed bugs. It can be derived from a variety of plants, including apples, grapes, and corn, just like alcohol.

You can spray vinegar directly on bed bugs and their eggs to destroy them, but be sure the vinegar scent does not bother you.

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