7 Reasons to Buy Your Own Golf Cart

Many golf lovers consider buying their own golf cart at some point.  Here are 7 reasons why you should seriously consider making this purchase yourself. 

They Are Convenient

Golf carts are incredibly convenient.  You don’t have to walk from hole-to-hole lugging heavy equipment or take a very limited amount of water to save the hassle of carrying it.  Everything you need can be loaded onto the golf cart and you can drive from hole to hole making your golfing day much more relaxing.

They Can Save You Time

You can’t play a quick 18-hole round of golf if you have to walk from hole to hole but with a golf cart, the game can be much quicker.  This is great if you have plans for the rest of the day or you are playing after work and want to be finished before it gets dark. Owning a golf cart means that you might be able to fit in an 18-hole round rather than having to play 9 holes because of time constraints. 

They Can Go Off-Road

A golf cart can be used both on and off-road. This is a lot of fun and worth trying with your buddies on a day out.  On a more serious note, it can save you a lot of time and energy when you are searching for lost balls. It means that you don’t have to look for them on foot and you can cover a bigger distance in a shorter space of time, meaning that you are more likely to find the balls you have lost. 

They Are Environmentally Friendly

Many golf carts are run on lithium batteries, which means they are better for the environment and cheaper than using fuel.  They can be used both in and off the golf course so a quick trip to the shops becomes a lot more environmentally friendly than it would be in a car. 

They Are Easy to Store

It is easy to store a golf cart in your garage.  Many people manage to fit their golf cart into their garage space alongside their car as carts don’t take up a lot of room. Some golf clubs will even let you store your cart on their premises, which means you just have to take them out when you want to play. 

They Can Be a Status Symbol

Golf carts used to be the possessions of older golfers who could no longer get around as well as they used to.  However, recently they have been taken over by younger golfers who view them as a status symbol. They are quite often accessorized or custom-built to reflect the owner’s personality and it can be great fun to drive around the golf course getting admiring glances and being asked about how you designed your own golf cart. Restoring golf carts is becoming a popular hobby for golfers even when they are not on the golf course. 

They Are Fun

Golf carts can be great fun to ride around in.  Not only can you take them around the golf course and off-road but they are becoming a more popular drive for people who want to get out and about too.  They are often utilized as utility vehicles or cars that are fun to drive when you don’t need to go too far, and they are increasingly being seen both on and off the golf course. 

Golf carts are as fun as they are practical and easy to keep.  Perhaps it is time you got yours and joined the legion of golf cart owners who already enjoying theirs. 

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