Instagram accounts analyzers that are game changer – What is Smihub?

Instagram is rapidly becoming one of the most sought-after platforms for business engagement and interaction because of its easy-to-use interface and user-friendly business policies for small businesses.

There are so many analytical tools out in the market like Smihub, Hootsuite, Creator Studio, etc that will give you an insight into how to work on Instagram and how to position your business model and its marketing and advertising goals.

Smihub is fast becoming one of the most compact analytical tools for Instagram business models across the globe.

We will be discussing that in detail here. So let’s begin!

What is Smihub?

Smihub is an online tool that can make you view the story of any Instagram account anonymously. This means that the account holder can not check whether you viewed their profile or story.

Apart from checking out the stories or profile anonymously, Smihub offers a searching insight regarding Instagram reels, trends, hashtags, and posts and even gives you an opportunity to download them on your gadgets.

How does Smihub work?

Smihub works differently compared to the main app of Instagram though it does focus on Instagram.

It accesses Instagram and information uploaded on Instagram through API. so it’s quite simple, if Instagram denies the access of API, Smihub will be of no use.

Why did Smihub become popular?

Smihub became popular because it offers more features on Instagram than the real app itself. There are a lot of features that are still in testing mode on Instagram but you can access them through Smihub.

Features of Smihub:

  • You can check out the profile picture of Instagram users in full size on Smihub which you cannot do on the main Instagram account/app.
  • You cannot comment or post anything on your Instagram account using the Smihub tool but you can read any post you want or any comment that has been made on the platform of Instagram.
  • Smihub allows you to download any post on Instagram. It even allows you to download the pictures from the app which the main app of Instagram does not allow its users.
  • The Instagram algorithm works on hashtags and captions. There are posts that have several hashtags at the end of the caption to increase the reach. Instagram doesn’t allow its users to copy-paste the hashtags but Smihub does. You can easily copy-paste all the hashtags which are trending and share them as your own.

Why choose Smihub?

There are many reasons to choose Smihub over the main Instagram app.

Some of them are listed below:

  • It is absolutely free of charge
  • There is no sign up required
  • No Instagram account is needed to check out the Instagram feed
  • You can check out thousands of trending hashtags and accounts
  • Easy to copy and paste the hashtags and captions with a mere click
  • It is very secure and safe to use
  • Easy to view and download the profile pictures on Instagram in full size.

What is not available on Smihub?

Smihub has many advantages over the main Instagram app but still, it has its own shortcomings as nothing is perfect in this world.

There are certain drawbacks that still need to be addressed so that it can become an even better app when one wants to analyze any Instagram account in peace.

Some of the disadvantages of Smihub are listed below:

  • You cannot post anything on the Instagram while using smihub
  • You cannot edit any pictures or videos
  • You can’t tag anyone in a picture that you see or want to share with anyone
  • You cannot comment on any post or make a response
  • You cannot follow or send a follow request to any Instagram account
  • You cannot share anything with anybody nor are you allowed to message anyone.

Final Thoughts:

Smihub is the best alternative to use when you want to share a certain reel or a picture with a loved one or a friend who is not on the Instagram platform.

You can download it and send it to them through other social media platforms.

Smihub helps you in stalking that ex when you want to stay hidden behind this app. You can always check out other people through smihub without letting them know that you are checking them out.

Smihub is a great app and it should get more coverage than it already has as everyone should get benefitted from this amazing discovery.

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