How To Improve Your SEO Campaign In 2022

Nowadays attracting specific internet viewers, grasping more organic traffic to your website and taking your business to new heights has become a very easy task. Some well-defined methods can play an important role in search engine optimization and if you are a beginner and starting SEO from the scratch then taking up some free SEO course will give you a basic undersratnding of SEO . Today’s there is a lot of competition in the digital market. To maintain yourself in this world you are required to keep your strategies one step ahead of the competitors. To do so, we are required to follow the latest SEO strategies smartly and generate good quality content continuously. Timely improvisation and optimisation of your content is also very essential.

Website Optimization

Have you ever noticed how much time your web page takes to load on a personal computer and mobile? If your answer is no then it’s time to wake up. 

From past experiences, it has been found that If the website loading time increases even one second extra, then in an extra second, the website conversion rate falls by 4 to 5 per cent.

You can find out how much time a website user remains on your website and for that you need to analyze certain important factors of your website such as its adaptability, user-friendly environment and experience of the visitors. Navigation quality and responsiveness are correlated. You can retain existing users and can attract more organic traffic to your website if you are committed to providing the best quality of content all the time. Your commitment should reflect in your work continuously. This attitude can help your website to gain a higher ranking in Google search engines.

There are some points for your website optimization:

  • Make your website scannable fast with the use of content formats
  • Remove irrelevant code and unwanted content.
  • Use clean designs and adaptable images.

Make Use Of Targeted Keywords

Keywords are the combination of words and phrases. Keywords are generated on the analysis of search queries of the customers. Let’s take an example of a customer who is searching for an affordable house. On the net, he will start searching for “best affordable house” or “best affordable house to buy on a budget “. Now, what can be the best keyword for you to target more clients to your page. If you include the keyword “Buy affordable house” that can get you clients but if you generate a relevant keyword like “best affordable house for sale in Los Angeles” then instantly you will get the attention of those viewers who fit in the mentioned criteria.

So before going for keyword research do an extensive analysis of your targeted clients about their requirements and how they communicate their requirements.

There are some social media platforms where people are discussing their problems in the form of questions and answers. Maybe some of those problems can be solved by your business. This can be a good source for you to generate relevant keywords. Because the questions are in the form of long-tail keywords which are less competitive than the targeted keywords. For example “the best hill station in Switzerland” rather than just “hill station”.

Write relevant and quality content

Content is an important part of a webpage and understanding the basics of content marketing is important. If a viewer has visited your webpage attracted by the title of your content and did not like the content, then he won’t come there again. It means to say that good quality content is a guarantee of recalling viewers again to your webpage. Quality content can be defined as relevant, easy to understand, interesting and easy to read.

Certain tips to make quality content:

  • Using Headers in your articles makes it scannable easily. The content of an article should be divided into appropriate sections with a proper title for the sections. By doing so, users can find out their appropriate information very easily at the time of navigating your article.
  • Content is the life of an article. It should be a good combination of conversational nature and relevant examples so that viewers find it more connective and spend more time at your webpage. But normally it doesn’t happen. It is a human tendency that they understand visual objects much faster than text. So, if you switch over to video articles with the inclusion of customised standard infographics rather than the text article, you can deliver more satisfaction and connectivity to the website users.
  • To sustain in today’s competitive digital world it is a good practice to analyse your content again and again. To retain your viewers and attract new viewers you need to bring out more new and dynamic ideas in your articles to solve a problem. For this, you will require to keep changing your keywords search strategies continuously. Sometimes you would need to work on your article formatting too.

Keep Watch On Website Traffic

What does traffic mean on a website? To explain this we can say that it is a volume of data being transferred and received by users from a website. From the starting of the second half of the year 1990, it has become a big part of the internet traffic. This statistics is based on the analytical result of how many viewers are coming on a website and how many pages they are navigating on that website. 

Doing close monitoring of your website traffic you can find out which of your posts are getting more organic traffic and which posts are not capable of attracting many users. The posts which are not able to generate much traffic as per your expectations then it is the right time for you to try new experiments on it to make it more appealing. 

Google Analytics is a tool provided by Google that can help you in traffic tracking. You can find out your poor performing pages so that you can take corrective measures immediately. 

Start Using Links

Links are useful to establish communication between web pages or websites. The function of a backlink is to connect two different websites. The position of your website in the Google search engines depends on the factor that determines how many backlinks your website has in it. The more backlinks higher is the ranking and vice versa. At the time of using links in your website keep one point always in your mind that Google does not rank all websites evenly. Why? Because many websites are there on the internet that contain spam and deceitful information that can harm your website’s trustworthiness and create problems for others. Then it is obvious that they’ll not rank in a good position. So be away from using such links on your website. 

Tips For Link-building

  • Always link relevant websites to your website. This will help search engines to find out what subject your website is discussing and this can boost your website ranking in the search engines.
  • You can do interlinking of all pages of your website. All interlink pages can boost the SEO of a particular page.
  • Keep removing dead links from your website. When you click on these links a message like “404 error: page not found” reflects in front of you. That means that the page does not exist or is not in use. If this continues then these dead links can harm your reputation. Users will start having bad experiences with your website. This can affect your website ranking.

Avoid Using Black Hat SEO 

On hearing the name of Black Hat SEO, the first question that comes to mind is what is this? To answer this question we can say that Black Hat SEO is a set of unethical techniques adopted intentionally for the manipulation of SERPs guidelines to improve website ranking in search engines results without putting any hard efforts towards Website or content improvement. A simple example of this is usually of keywords multiple times to rank web pages up in the search engines results.

Black Hat SEO can damage your website reputation and brand value in many ways. Your website may face a lower ranking in search engines results and even you will find that your website is discarded from the search engines results. So don’t follow a short path to get success instantly without doing any hard efforts. Always taking appropriate steps mean always being committed to working as per the SERPs guidelines.


What is a strong pillar of a successful business or businessman? It is the depth of a relationship and its strength between you and your customers. A good relationship between you and your customers is a key to business success. The closer the customer is to you, the more successful you will be in business. We have discussed some techniques above that can help you in spreading your reach to the customers. Go through it thoroughly and try to find out where you are lagging and start working on those deficiencies. Make sure that SERPs guidelines are being followed properly all time. In this way, you can make your SEO campaign successful in the year 2022.

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