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7 Guidelines To Help You Identify Fake Nike Tn Shoes

It is no surprise that Nike Tn shoes are among the world’s most popular products, making them an easy target for counterfeiters. Unfortunately, if you are not cautious enough, you might get a pair of imitations instead of the real thing. 

  • Verify the Seller’s Legitimacy

It is important to research the vendor or store you will be purchasing Nike Tn sneakers from before you commit to purchasing them. Always read the feedback and reviews of the online vendor if you aren’t buying from an authorised store.

It is not permitted for other stores to use Nike’s trademark in their domain names. Therefore, you should choose a legitimate store. 

  • Review the Packaging

In most cases, counterfeit Nike shoes do not come in the original Nike packaging. Instead, they are shrink-wrapped in clear plastic in exchange for a box or do not come at all. In addition, in most cases, fake Nike boxes are glued together hurriedly, making them less durable than the real thing.

  • Check the Quality

Comparing your new Nike sneakers with your previous Nike shoes will help you decide which pair is right for you. You can be certain that your new shoes will fall apart within a few days if there is a drastic difference in quality between the two pairs.

Authentic Nikes always feel softer than counterfeits. The reason for this is that genuine leather is used in their production. Also, take a look at the laces. Knockoffs normally do not have other lacing holes laced, while authentic Nike sneakers normally do.

  • Analyse the Prize

Fake Nikes are very cheap based on their price tag. Therefore, a shoe that appears too reasonable to be genuine is almost certainly a fake. In other words, this does not suggest all cheap Nikes are fakes.

Consider yourself cautioned if the marked-down price is less than half of the original price.

  • Observe the Uppers

Sneakers made by Nike are known for their outstanding design and manufacturing. By combining the latest technology with high-quality materials.

Nike sneakers should look and feel like high-quality shoes, whatever model you choose.

When viewed from a distance, counterfeit Nikes and knockoffs appear to be genuine, but closer examination reveals defects and irregularities. For example, do not choose shoes with stiff uppers or stitching that overlaps.

  • Review the Tounge

It is possible to display the brand name, the swoosh, and the style or model name on the tongue of the upper. In addition, an inside tongue tag should include size, production date, and SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) or serial number.

Identify the number on the side of each box by writing an alphanumeric code. Most often, this code is nine digits long. However, random numbers on a fake Nike tag are likely to be random numbers that don’t match the number on the box.

  • Examine the Weight

False Nikes are different not only in appearance but also in comfort. In addition, the low-cost materials used by counterfeiters make it difficult to replicate the feel of an authentic Nike shoe.

Real items tend to feel lighter and more flexible than fakes. For example, a pair of authentic Nike shoes should feel light to wear, so you do not feel weighed down.

Fortunately, there are signs to look out for to avoid being duped. Make sure to check all the counterfeit signs before investing in a good pair of shoes.

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