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6 Stunning Things You Can Do with Your Nails

Australians, by all accounts, have it pretty good. The island nation dubbed the Land Down Under and The Lucky Country is one of the richest globally, ranking highly in quality of life, education, health, and economic freedom globally. Its nail business, like NSI Australia, is similar to that of other industrialized countries in that it has a wide range of salons ranging from low-cost to high-end. 

Speaking of salons, you may wonder what manicure you want to do on your nails. Most salons in Australia offer different nail services that can satisfy the inner preppy!

Basic Polish

Let’s go right to the point—no pun intended. You start using your basic nail polish before you wear makeup. It comes in several finishes, including natural, matte, and holographic. Unfortunately, this style of nail paint isn’t the longest-lasting—you should expect to go a week (or less) without chipping your manicure.


It’s also known as “hard gel” and can be used on natural or artificial nails. Shellac or soak-off gel differs from acrylic in that it allows you to prolong the nail, which can also be shaped and bent.

Setting the nail polish is done using a UV lamp. It should persist for two weeks at the most. It can lengthen your nail shape and give you a longer length like acrylics.


This is another typical polish type when it comes to acrylic nails. Acrylic polish is composed of a liquid and powder mixture. This concoction is put directly to your naked nail. Acrylic nail polish solidifies as it cures and may be filed to your preferred form. It can also be used to make your natural nail longer. Acrylics also have a two-week lifespan.

Dip Powder

Another type of long-lasting nail lacquer is dip powder nail paint. It can last anywhere from three weeks to four, so it’s become such a popular polish option. Dip powders can be applied rapidly and with less expertise and precision than other forms of manicures. The colour ranges from a coloured powder rather than lacquer. You dip your fingernails into a small container of your chosen paint between base coats and sealants. Because the powder will only adhere to the adhesive, there will be less space for untidy cuticles.

It’s also more elastic than other extensions, so you might find it more pleasant or prone to breakage if you’re not gentle with it.


PolyGel is a nail lacquer that is a cross between acrylic and gel. This polish was created primarily for nail technicians to achieve a faultless manicure. It has a gel-like consistency and is applied with an acrylic brush to your bare nails. Then it can be moulded and treated with an LED or UV light to your taste. PolyGel nail lacquer is one of the most long-lasting alternatives available. With careful care, it can last up to 21 days.


Shellac is last but not least. Shellac nail polish mixes gels and basic formulations, just like PolyGel polish is a combination of gel and acrylic. You put it on bare nails and then expose it to UV light to cure. Unfortunately, shellac nail paint can’t be used to make your nails longer.

NSI Australia is one of the options if you’re seeking a solid answer as to which sort of manicure is superior to the other. The best kind of manicure refers to the type of manicure ideal for you. If you see a specialist who knows what they’re doing, you should get fantastic outcomes with whichever option you choose.

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