Top 7 Great Features of an Online Video Maker

Creating videos, whether explainers, tutorials, product guides, ads, etc. don’t have to be stressful, time consuming, or expensive. With a video maker, you can streamline the process, making it easy and affordable even if you don’t have editing experience. To help you find a good one, click here to check out a user-friendly tool that even newbies and kids can use. 

Thanks to these editing solutions, creating videos doesn’t have to be a troublesome chore. You don’t even need any tech experience. Anyone can create a studio-worthy video if you have access to the right software with tons of features. When you have this down pat, you have a useful and cost-effective tool, assuring you hit your ROI right away. Here are seven great features of an online video maker.  

  1. Provides a Highly Intuitive UI or User Interface

If you can’t use the video maker or struggle to figure out what to do, then what’s the point? Hence, this feature is number on the list. A tough UI trumps the other features and diminishes their value. You won’t be able to operate the tools and advance functions if the tool is complicated. You’ll just end up feeling frustrated because it takes a lot of your time and you commit numerous mistakes. To ensure you find a good tool, take note of the following: 

  • Drag-and-drop features
  • Accessible toolbar
  • Clickable functions
  • Parallel to your needs
  • Provides ready support 
  • Extensive FAQ and tutorials

If you’re not the only one using the video editor, seek your team’s input. For instance, should they have limited experience, you want a video maker offering basic controls they understand. Get your team involved in the selection so all of you know how to use it.  

  1. Proffers an Extensive Pre-Designed Template Library

One of the greatest perks of using a video maker is it cuts time and saves you money. And who doesn’t want to save on these valuable resources? Keep in mind, the right tool can speed up your video production and distribution process, which matters if you have a limited budget. With an excellent editor, you can create videos fast without any hassles. And that hinges on the pre-designed template library, which assures you can finish editing in a matter of minutes. For best results, you want an editing tool that offers: 

  • Thousands of themes
  • Rich and high-quality details
  • Customizable layouts
  • Caters to various niches and industries

With templates, you can be done with your video in a matter of minutes. All you need to do is select your design, then customise with drag-and-drop elements in the user-friendly dashboard. Thus, you must prioritise a highly adaptable tool that can address your unique goals, needs, and preferences. After all, you will be using this editor for your future projects, too, so might as well invest in the best one. 

  1. Take Advantage of Free Cloud or Hosting

Everyone knows that videos and picture files consume a lot of space. You don’t want your computer memory to die, right? Hence, you must pick a video maker that proffers free hosting and saving to a cloud. This will free up precious disk space in your device. 

Furthermore, when you have the final video, you can readily share it with social media channels and other platforms. Saving your final output on a cloud means it is always readily available and your target audience can consume the material no matter where they are. Notably, some tools provide free hosting while others offer it with an additional service fee. If you want to save money, verify what’s included in the feature specs before you pay or download anything. 

  1. Check Out Audio Capabilities

Bear in mind that videos don’t just focus on moving pictures. Audio also plays a big component in your video’s success. If you have terrible audio that people can barely hear, they won’t feel inclined to finish watching from start to finish. They’ll surely lose interest midway if they don’t understand what they hear. 

Thus, it is vital to work with a video maker that provides high-quality audio elements. Sounds can set the mood so be sure to pick one that allows you to play around with this component. Prioritise an editor the proffers the following: 

  • Audio recording for narrations
  • Syncing capabilities
  • Sound effects collection
  • Copyright-free music library
  • Noise cancellation 
  1. Prioritise Interactive Elements

Videos will look very boring if all you have are the usual footage and images. When scoping out a video maker, make sure it has a rich asset library that can help you enhance the aesthetics and visual appeal of your projects. These are crucial factors that will affect your work. If you want to make things more dynamic, you must have access to the following elements that make your videos more interactive: 

  • Creating animated gifs or infographics
  • Working with various stylized transitions
  • Adding effects to stylish fonts 
  • Including filters and background effects
  • Stock footage and images to fill in gaps

  1. Support Various Formats

When you work on producing videos, you must ensure that your intended audience can actually view your final output. Otherwise, it would render your hard work useless. Thus, your video maker package should allow you to finalise your video in a variety of formats. 

For instance, you may want to upload your content on various social media platforms with varying sizes and aspect ratios. Having a tool that allows you to readily resize images and footage, along with tweaking the final video format for distribution is the most ideal. 

  1. Take Advantage of Flexi Tiered Pricing

Pricing is a feature that you must never forget to check. After all, your chosen video maker must fit your budget. Even if it has the functionality and features you need, it’s useless if you can’t afford it. Fortunately, many editors offer flexible pricing structures with tiered levels to suit your needs and preferences. 

For instance, they may offer premium or business packages with various add-ons like HD options, green-screen, and other tools. For best results, give the video editor a try before you commit. Thankfully, most tools provide free trials so you can give it a test drive and choose a plan that works for you.

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