When Do We Need Judicial Security?

Many people have seen or have experienced criminal activities in their neighborhood. There are various types of activities happening around and most of us are just starlets by such happening but do not know what to do. The security systems and the judicial proceedings are always there to help us but either we are unaware to report the incident or are terrified by it to an extent that we do not want to become a part of it by reporting it. The police agencies and the attorneys are there on the duty and thus the street crimes must always be brought to light. Here are some common street crimes that need to be reported immediately before the criminals get away with them.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is home-based violence, where usually the women are maltreated and subjected to fierceness. This could be due to a lack of respect, misunderstandings, or under the sedatives, but this is quite normal to observe practices of domestic violence around every two streets. People fail to report the incidents of domestic violence considering it as a private issue between husband and wife, however when you have heard about such a case and not reported it, then you too become a criminal. Better to inform the situation to the police or nearby courts, and save the victims before it is too late.


OUI means operating while under the influence of alcohol or chemical substances and DUI means driving under the influence of alcohol or chemical substances. Late-night rash drivers, under heavy consumption of alcohol or other chemical substances, have frequently been seen to harm the innocent people around on the road. The DUI defense is available to report such cases. Such drivers not only are a threat to themselves but other people as well as public properties too.


Harassing someone in public or private areas, forcibly touching or groping, or attempting to rape someone is a huge crime. NO means NO. When the victim has shown their disagreement with being involved with someone and still being harassed is not okay and it should be brought to notice as soon as possible. If the victim feels uneasy to register the instance then being a responsible citizen, it becomes the duty of on-lookers to report it to police or court and bring justice to the victim.

Drug Crimes

Drugs have now made a huge way into the streets and among young children especially. The utility of drugs is increasing day by day and the hazards created by drugs can be seen. Physical malpractices, mental disturbance, lack of aim and ambition, running away from reality, are merely some issues that drugs have done to our society. If you know an individual or a group in your surroundings that is anyhow involved in drug crimes, either by self-consumption or dealing in it, do report them in time. The drug dealers often make young children fall prey to them. The law agencies take charge of the situation when notified and perform the required procedures.

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