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Garage Door Repair in Indianapolis: Every Problem and Solution

Garage doors are the simplest and the most used automatic door, opened by an electric motor. They are one of the major components of residential architecture. About 90% of Indianapolis households have a garage door and they can be found throughout the world. If there are garage doors, they may have problems too and need garage door repair in Indianapolis.

Problems of Garage Doors You Can Face

The most common problems that people face with their garage doors are listed below.

Motor Problem

The problem of garage door motors is the most common problem. You may need to repair or replace your garage door motor when it begins to make noises or when it doesn’t lift up when you push the button.

Sometimes, there is a problem with the switch of the door opener and sometimes with the remote. You may need to give a call to the professionals of garage door repair in Indianapolis when your garage door opener doesn’t work.

Spring Issue

The issue of springs is quite common in garage doors. This mainly happens when the door gets stuck while closing or opening. The spring of your garage door is broken if there is no tension in it and it makes a loud noise. The springs need to be replaced for this issue.

There are many people who think they can fix the problem of broken springs with DIY methods, but this is not advisable. Garage door repair in Indianapolis is required for this issue.

Weather Conditions

The weather conditions also affect the garage doors. When the door is exposed to extreme heat or cold, it gets deformed and doesn’t work properly. If this happens, you need to fix the springs and the carriage of your garage door.

Garage Door Rollers and Hinges

The rollers and hinges of the garage door may get rusted and stop working properly. When this happens, you need to repair the hinges and the rollers. After this, you need to lubricate the parts and check whether there is any other problem.

Garage Door Remotes and Keypads

If you can’t open your garage door with the remote, you need to check if there is a problem with the wiring of the door opener. If this is not the case, you need to replace the battery. Sometimes, the remote can get jammed too.

If you can’t open your garage door with your keypad, there are chances that the numbers are worn out or there is a problem with the wiring. This may also happen when you push the remote button more than five times to open your garage door.

Garage Door Opener Panel

The panel of your garage door opener may get damaged and you need to replace it when it stops working.  Sometimes, the circuit board of the opener may stop working as well. You can call a professional garage door repair in Indianapolis to get this job done for you.

Sensor Problem

There is a sensor in the garage door that knows when to stop when it reaches the end of its journey. If this sensor stops working, you need to replace it when your garage door comes down with great force.

When these problems happen, you cannot ignore them and need to take quick actions to prevent further damage and loss.

Grinding Noise

Grinding noises are quite common when the garage door has issues with the rollers, hinges, or cables. These can be easily fixed by replacing or lubricating them.

Door Falls on its Own

If your garage door falls on its own, you need to check the springs and the rollers. Sometimes, you may find that the tension is too much in the springs of your garage door. This is dangerous and you should call a garage door repair in Indianapolis specialist immediately to fix the problem before anything happens.

Manual Tips to Avoid Garage Door Repair in Indianapolis:

Following are some manual tips that you can follow to save your bucks while hiring a professional

  • When you open or close your garage door, you need to check it for any damage or changes.
  • If the springs of the door are extremely tense, you need to release the tension so that there is no serious damage.
  • The hinges and rollers of your garage door should also be lubricated regularly. This helps in maintaining the smooth functioning of the door.
  • You should learn to use your keypad properly if you have a manual garage door opener.
  • If you can’t open your garage door with the remote, you need to check if the wiring is damaged.

Need of Garage Door Repair in Indianapolis

You should not try to repair any issue with the garage door on your own if you have no prior experience in working with doors and garage doors. This may lead to further damage and loss of money, time, and energy. Instead, you should call garage door repair in Indianapolis expert.

If you need to hire a professional for garage door repair in Indianapolis, you should choose the best company. The choice of hiring the wrong technician to repair your garage door may lead to further damage. Taking precautions when something goes wrong with the garage door will help you in saving time and money.


Q:  How much does it cost to repair a garage door?

A: The costs of repair vary depending upon the damage and the company you choose for this job.

Q:  What is the cost to replace a garage door?

A: Replacing a garage door is quite expensive and you need to hire a professional for this job. The costs of garage door replacement in Indianapolis vary from 3000-5000 dollars, depending upon the design and size of the door you choose.

Q:  How to find the best professional for garage door repair?

A:  There are many tips which you should follow to hire the best company for garage door repair in Indianapolis. First of all, you need to check their reviews and references and then approach them for a quote.

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