Best markets to visit in Chennai for the new comers

When visiting Chennai, one of the best things to do is go shopping. You must go on a shopping binge because the town is known for being one of the most vibrant commercial centres in the country. Chennai is known to be the best city for the ones looking for PG in Chennai for living here. It offers a lively environment for all age groups. Lets have a look at the best places to visit in the city. 

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Thyagaraya Nagar is abbreviated as T. Nagar. This area was formerly merely a residential area, but it is now one of the major retail malls in the city (in terms of revenue). It is a major retail destination in the city. This market also has a large number of different clothing and kitchenware businesses. At all times of the day, it is a busy and congested location.

George Town

George Town has the distinction of being Chennai’s most busy retail district. A stroll around the Burma Bazar is fascinating. Beautiful and smooth mulberry silk sarees and the famed Kanchipuram sarees are the primary attractions at the market. Here you can also find the best unisex PG in Chennai to live with your friends. 

Pondy Bazaar

Pondy Bazaar is regarded as Chennai’s ‘Mecca’ of shopping. It is one of the busiest marketplaces in the city, in addition to being a renowned commercial centre. You will undoubtedly obtain everything on your buying list at this market, regardless of how long it is.

Godown Street 

It is a 200-year-old street. The street is a wholesale market that has been dealing in textiles for decades. The market is far less expensive than any other shopping location in Chennai, with discounts ranging from 30 to 40% on all things. This market is dominated by imported goods from China, Taiwan, and other Asian countries.


It is a one-stop shop for lehengas, churidars, cholis, and other North Indian outfits. The market is located in Chennai’s northern district and is primarily populated by North Indians. Here you may get stunning ready-to-wear clothing. The main disadvantage of this market is that you will require a local guide to show you around and talk with you because most vendors speak Tamil. Nonetheless, you may discover some wonderful items here that will keep you returning to this market on several occasions.

Pantheon street

Chennai residents choose cotton apparel since the city enjoys hot tropical weather. Pantheon Road is the greatest spot to shop for high-quality cotton clothing. This market has a wide range of eye-catching hues, including bright colours, pastel shades, and neutral whites. This is where you’ll find all the latest designs and patterns. Pantheon Street is well-known for shopping in Chennai because of its high-quality materials at a reasonable price and a wide range of possibilities.

Anna Salai

Anna Salai, formerly known as St. Thomas Mount Road, is one of Chennai’s most popular shopping destinations. The market, which stretches from Fort St. George to Kathipara Junction, is one of the greatest places to shop for handicrafts. Many merchants offer ethnic clothing such as silk sarees and lehengas, as well as handcraft products, at the market. Anna Salai is also known for the abundance of malls along the main road, which act as entertainment centres rather than merely shopping malls.

Ritchie street

Ritchie Street is India’s second-largest electrical centre. In the market, there are around 2000 stores. The market is also extended out along nearby streets. Because it began as a radio market, this market was once known as the Radio market. Electronics, robots, led lights, TV, computers, mobile, laptop, CCTV stores, and a variety of other devices and equipment may all be found here. The majority of the shops in Ritchie Market provide the best pricing and discounts. There are also a few repair shops. The market is open from 11 a.m. until 8:30 p.m., although it is not very vehicle-friendly because it is frequently very congested.

Panagal park

This is a T. Nagar street market neighbourhood. It is said to be named after the Raja of Panagal, the Madras Presidency’s Chief Minister (who created it). It is surrounded by beautiful vegetation. It is in close proximity to retail areas. There are several shops on streets like Ranganathan Street and South Usman Road, which are right around Panagal Park. The majority are gold jewellery, but some also carry silk sarees and other ethnic wear. There are retail complexes that sell authentic Kanjeevaram sarees. 


Chennai is well-known for its colossal retail district. It offers a comfortable living to everyone. From pubs to malls to can enjoy living in the city to the core. Whether you are a street shopper or a luxury connoisseur, Chennai has something to fit your style and taste.

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