How to Reduce the Conversion Fees When Selling Online?

Whether you are using content marketing, paid ads, or affiliates to drive traffic to your online business, each visitor who leaves without making a purchase is a missed opportunity. The importance of Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) cannot be overstated. It is the process of raising the percentage of website visitors who complete the desired action, such as purchasing a product, clicking ‘add to basket,’ signing up for a service, filling a form, or clicking on a link.

By focusing on what motivates and repels your users, you can provide them with the best possible user experience—which, in turn, encourages them to convert and enhances your website conversion rate. Payment gateways in India have become extremely popular for the benefit of online businesses. In the following article, we will be discussing how your website’s conversion fee can be decreased with the help of simple tips and tricks.

Tips to Decrease Your Website’s Conversion Fee

  • Increasing the speed of your website: Increasing the page speed of your website will enhance the user experience. Your customers would have a pleasurable experience every time they visit your site. If your website takes longer than three seconds to load, 53% of your visitors will abandon it. Slow-loading website pages are the topmost reason for cart abandonment, which can adversely affect the revenue of your online business.
  • Keep the layout simple and design clean: You want your leads to have a smooth and seamless experience that takes them to the information they need. A complicated website layout often confuses the customers instead of helping them. Visitors should easily find what they want to purchase. This way, potential customers are more likely to convert to loyal patrons, which reduces conversion fees.
  • Make sure your site is optimized for both desktop and mobile: Because mobile eCommerce now accounts for 50% of the industry, you can’t afford to ignore its significance. Maintain a responsive eCommerce website for all devices and provide the best viewing experience possible, regardless of the channel or platform. No customer should be left out of visiting your website just because it is not optimized for a certain device. Payment gateways such as Zaakpay allow payments from several different devices, which is extremely efficient for merchants and customers alike.
  • Utilize customer information: One of the advantages of D2C architecture is the availability of client data at your fingertips. You can customize each customer’s experience by using said data to your own benefit. It will help you better understand your customers’ interests and behaviors. For segmented campaigns, you can leverage content consumed, search keywords, gender, city, nation, age, shopper’s location, weather, and the day and time.
  • Make it clear to visitors that your website is secure: Shoppers are aware that retail is the most targeted industry for cyberattacks, with 53% of cyber-attacks aiming for customer’s Card-Not-Present (CNP) data. Make your website visitors feel protected by using a TLS/SSL certificate and offering longer warranties on your products. Using secure payment gateway systems is another way of ensuring the safety of your customers’ data and transactions. Zaakpay levies reasonable payment gateway charges in exchange for safeguarding every digital transaction done on your website.
  • Use scarcity marketing to your advantage: Limited-time offers and scarcity are effective tactics for decreasing your eCommerce conversion fee. It makes your products seem more exclusive and causes shoppers to experience the fear of missing out. For example, the deal finishes at midnight, and all of their things are 50% off for a limited time. This, in turn, increases the conversion rate, which results in a low conversion fee.
  • User-generated content can help you build trust: When considering a purchase, 93% of consumers examine internet reviews and testimonials. Consumers trust internet reviews like they would trust personal recommendations. You may, for example, include a photo of a customer with their success story. All of these characteristics contribute to the brand’s legitimacy while also increasing traffic.
  • Cart abandonment software: Users who have put things in their shopping cart, supplied their information, and then left your website can utilize the cart abandonment software. It allows you to send users follow-up emails with their cart contents and a coupon code for a discount when they finish their shopping. This initiates more traffic to your site and, in turn, reduces the conversion fee.
  • Make the checkout process more efficient: Buyers will breeze through each checkout stage and purchase your products if you have a streamlined and easy checkout process. Remove any nonessential fields, leaving only the ones that are required to achieve the actual purpose. Customers can complete transactions in a fast and simple manner, without being concerned about exposing their personal information, by using guest checkout options. Furthermore, because it takes less time to finish, consumers are more inclined to visit your site and reduce your conversion fee.
  • Provide a no-questions-asked money-back promise: Consumers are wary of taking risks. They don’t want to jeopardize their money unless they are confident that they will get exactly what they paid for. A money-back guarantee alleviates these anxieties, establishes trust, and assists customers in getting beyond objections, which is a quick method to boost your conversion rate.
  • Increase the number of payment alternatives: One of the most common reasons for buyers abandoning online shopping carts is a lack of payment choices. It’s enough for customers to decide not to buy from your website if you don’t accept their preferred payment option. Using an online payment gateway is beneficial. Zaakpay accepts payments from various sources and enables you to reduce your website conversion fee. Payment gateway charges cover all aspects of smooth, frictionless, and secure payments. It’s designed to improve both the payment infrastructure and the payment experience. 

In conclusion, reducing your conversion fee is the most straightforward approach to increasing revenue from your online store, and it should be a key component of your marketing strategy. There are definitely a lot of improvements you might make to improve your conversion rate and produce more sales with your current traffic. A professional payment gateway, such as Zaakpay, can simplify this procedure. Zaakpay is one of the most trusted payment gateways in India, assisting online businesses in collecting and distributing payments in the safest and most seamless manner possible.

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