Advantages of Character Animation Design Course for Kids

Would you like to create a fantastic story together? Let’s let our imagination run wild to imagine original characters. They will be your heroes and villains, with powers, colors, and who knows! Each story has its hero, helper or guide, and ultimate villain to defeat at the end of a great journey. 

Therefore, animation for the Designer is a tool that can be applied to complete products and have the function of being “independent.” Products such as theme songs, animated shorts, commercials, etc., are often part of this category, even if the animation integrates video footage. This illustration course will be fascinating for all children who love to draw. We will start with simple geometric shapes to introduce how the characters develop.

The Gaming field is one of the sectors in which animation is used to produce the “intros” to the game and generate the movements of objects or characters involved in the game itself. When we talk about animation, the term is usually immediately associated with the “cartoons” that have, for all of us, cheered up gloomy afternoons and television evenings of our childhood.

The character animation design was created to offer all children and teenagers a first approach to the world of animation. With this technique, they will have the opportunity to give life to their characters, moving them in space and characterizing them both in appearance and attitude. 

Through the basic principles according to which a character moves in space, children will also hone their anatomical perception and drawing skills. With the help of cutting-edge tools, students will know and apply the methods and steps with which a cartoon reaches the big screen: at the end of each module, the videos produced during the lessons will be forwarded to the respective artists.

Why Choose the Character design course for kids 

The character animation design course aims to design and present characters for comics, cartoons, films, and video games. The character designer creates, interprets, defines, and visualizes a character clearly and functionally.

This master has been designed for an audience of designers, beginners or veterans, interested in deepening this art, fundamental at the base of many successful artistic productions: from comics to cartoons, from video games to 3d animation. All the phases of this delicate process will be examined, from the creative analysis to the rules of good design, from the construction to the presentation of your new protagonists.

  • Through the basic geometric shapes such as the circle, the square, and the triangle, children can invent an infinity of worlds and characters. They can learn to develop together with the stories we have imagined through the most disparate techniques of drawing and painting.
  • From pencil drawing to simple coloring techniques, painting techniques and… why not? Even some initial animation techniques. All designed to brush just for the little ones!

In the Character Design course, creating an invented and original character passes through the learning of a design that every artist must implement. This process is not easy and is often a rather long and complex job.

Benefits of this course 

This character animation design will help understand the path to follow and the basis of the construction of a character, starting from the basics to get to the finished product.

The approach to the subject will be practical and accompanied by a part of research and study on various existing elements selected by the teachers.

We will therefore draw a lot, following a program that will concern the anatomical study, the personalization of the character, the character knowledge of the same, the stylistic research up to come to measure themselves with a real project, on which the students will practice with the support of the teachers.

The aspects to take into account when creating a character concern many areas and differ depending on whether it is an illustration, a comic, children’s books, animated films, TV series, video games, apps, and merchandise.

The course is aimed at a particularly wide audience: from students of Illustration, Animation, and Comics, who wish to gain knowledge of a branch of drawing that is often little known but with which it is necessary to know how to relate and also to simple drawing enthusiasts who want broaden their knowledge.

From traditional drawing techniques to cartoon techniques up to the discovery of new digital drawing techniques.

Skills that can learn by kids

The character animation design will start from traditional drawing techniques to get to know the techniques of illustration and comics. We will also look at some 2D animation techniques and digital drawing on layers.

  • Drawing: creating imaginary characters and worlds – from traditional to digital
  • History: giving life to your own stories through the technique of comics


  • Create simple animations with traditional and digital techniques.

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