Top Reasons To Use Memes Marketing

Memes are now most used and accepted cultural currency in this digital era and are found all around social platforms. Memes are humorous pieces of content having pictures and text. It has been observed that most of the brands are using memes for marketing their services. Zomato, Apple, McDonald’s are brands that significantly make use of meme marketing. A meme is addressed as the online trend that collaborates an image with few sentences or funny situations. This is done to raise brand marketing or to raise situation importance. A meme is now part of digital marketing and is considered as important as other ways. One can smoothly excel in meme marketing by doing Digital Marketing Courses In Pune

Why Meme marketing?

A meme is the marketing that has no immediate investment. One just needs to be attentive towards online trends and community. A meme is just a joke, a catchphrase that is posted on social media for humorous purposes, where marketing is complimentary. Memes are around the 1990s when the internet was booming. There are different patterns of memes, most of which are on jokes or dialogues. More than 1000 meme template is in circulation today, to succeed one needs to stay updated and understand why you are performing such actions. Some of the benefits of Meme marketing that one should keep in mind, to amplify the impact. 

Pocket Friendly: The pocket-friendly marketing technique. The biggest and important reason for using the meme is its cost. Meme marketing is free of cost and is considered a perfect pocket-friendly digital marketing technique. One can either curate their own meme or can generate it with the help of online pages. On online pages, a company can generate the meme according to their business and preferences. Some brands repost the meme of other brands, but it is recommended to create their own memes according to their marketing purpose. The challenging part here is just the witty caption. Bit of hands are required on this and for making things perfect on this, one can do  Digital Marketing Training In Pune. 

Powerful Marketing Medium: Meme is the strongest marketing medium as it amplifies after reaching social platforms. If the meme is loved and appreciated by the audience, there are open gates for the brands. A huge example of a Powerful Marketing medium is Netflix. They provided the canvas of the Bird Box movie for countless memes. This way movie got a promotion and the brand also. The meme was in trend for a long time. It changed to Meme marketing recently. The impact was analyzed and brands understood how powerful this medium of marketing is.  

Human Mind Picture for the Company: Choosing the side of their customer has always proved sound game for the brand. It has been analyzed that, when businesses make use of memes, they choose the side of humans. This means they are choosing social media platforms to convey a message through their brand. A study proved that when people see their recognition on social media they tend to get attracted towards the brand and attract their surroundings too. 

Immediate Feedback: Like button is the new word for feedback. One can choose their reaction to submit the response. Memes do not come with a guarantee, their hype gets compressed when something greater than the present arrives. It is important to study the feedbacks to understand what are the viewers like. A brand that has huge feedbacks is known at large. Feedbacks are positive and negative. Having anyone or both in huge can either generate goodwill or hostility. The focus should be more on a generation of goodwill. 

Engagement: The main reason for posting the meme on social media is engagement. Engagement rate shows how your brand is creating an impact on the audience. To create a good impact and engagement, one should follow the following guidelines: 

  • Always show concern about the recent scenario. 
  • Stay professional and rational. 
  • Always understand that human side deflection is wrong. 
  • Understand your social platform to create engagement. 

Now engagement also is of two types- Positive engagement and negative. Negative comments and reposting create an unhealthy environment for the brand whereas positive engagement enhances brand recognition. It has been studied that; people spend more than 145 minutes on social media each day. This is a huge opportunity for each brand if they create the right meme for the right engagement. 

Meme Tips and Tricks

Time: Perfect dialogue is the one that is delivered on time. Just like this, a meme is said to be perfect when posted at right time. Capitalization on the popular trend is the root that needs to get strong. One needs to keep an eye on what’s happening around various social media platforms. The company now hires Social Media Marketers and Managers. They keep a watch on recent trends and inform the Meme department to make the meme accordingly. A meme has the highest level of reach when done at the right time. 

Check your audience: Comedy works with the right audience. Presenting the engaging script in front of a tough audience will impact less as compared to an engaging audience. Keep notes of certain things, such as audience, background, and economic class. Checking the audience is not the completion of this chapter. The creator has to understand the platform algorithm also. 

Creativity: There are two ways to deal with creativity. Some are creative in making flawless flaws whereas some are perfect in creativeness. Both of the situations get appreciation. The appreciation and liking depend on the audience and on the platform. For Meme marketing the most used tool is Canva. It is used widely by brands. People now want to get the proper training to learn Meme marketing templates and creativity. One can get themselves enrolled in Digital Marketing classes in Pune to get all the creative tips for meme creation. Creativity is appreciated when it is original. Staying yourself is the only tip one can give.  

How does Meme get harmful for the brand?

Memes are not always easy to replicate the success. Meme marketing flops and makes the brand looks awful. Some of the reasons why meme marketing can become a flop choice: 

Slurred: A brand named; Ruffle created a meme to get into the trends. The meme become hard to understand and created a bad impact on the brand. 

Low Connection: The words should connect with the picture. Mc Donald’s is one of its memes presented low connections and loose ends. The meme didn’t make any sense to the consumer. 


Marketing is improvising on a daily basis. Being promotional is not the agenda, but being transparent is. The more brand connects with the customer the more customer they will attract. Understanding all the meme marketing tips and tricks is not done just by scrolling down the servers but by proper guidance. With the world turning digital get yourself Online Digital Marketing Course for Meme marketing. The course will cover all the latest meme trends, the importance of memes, types of memes for the different consumer segments. Staying tuned with the culture and trends is important and social media is all about recent trends. Before starting to think about making the meme, think about your audience. 

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