How are anabolic steriode used? Androgens

Hormones that regulate the development of reproductive organs and gender traits in males are known as androgens.

Functions of Androgens in male

  • They are required for sexual and reproductive function
  • Androgens are responsible for hair growth of the face and body, voice change, bone and muscle development as well as metabolism requires this hormone

    Functions of Androgens in female

  • It stimulates hair growth in the underarms and pubic areas, initiates puberty
  • They control bone, liver, muscle, and kidney function as well as reproductive tract

Anabolic steroids

Anabolic steroids are synthetic androgens like testosterone or similar hormones that function like testosterone.  They are also called anabolic-androgenic steroids (AAS). 

Uses of anabolic steroids 

  • Anabolic steroids are used to treat hormonal issues in men to rectify delayed puberty, muscle loss under medical prescription.
  • In the sports world, anabolic steroids are used to enhance performance. 
  • To achieve perfect body shape for acting and modelling careers as well as fitness-oriented sectors

Anabolic steroids in sports World

A person, to be a success in sports needs to have a good diet plan on day to day basis. Diet plans are available designed specifically for each sport. Several substances can increase muscle strength and mass. They can make you sustain your performance by making your body withstand any adverse conditions. There are many sports products available in the market now. Anabolic steroids are one among them.

Bodybuilders, weight lifters, and athletes take anabolic steroids to push their limits. They are popular in the USA, UK, Australia and many more countries.

Usage of anabolic steroids

Intake of Steroids can be through oral tablets, intramuscular injection. Some are also available in the form of topical gels and creams.

One needs to start taking oral form and, once your body gets adapted then,  progress to injectable forms. The degree of liver damage is low in injections. Oral steroids get cleared fast from our bodies. This addresses concerns about drug testing. Medical dosage is ten to a hundred times lesser compared to other usages.

Effects of anabolic steroids on the body:

  • They increase muscle mass, bone strength and red blood cell level
  • They help in weight loss

    Side effects of anabolic steroids

  • It may cause the development of masculine characteristics in women or young males
  • One should always use recommended doses to avoid these side effects

Advice for new users of steroids

  • To begin with, one should go with a solo cycle and later once the body is adapted can shift to a combination of AAS in each cycle (Stacking)
  • Post Cycle Therapy is advised to let the body rest and recover
  • Prevent the side effects by following this advice
  • Always use new needles and syringes for muscular injections
  • Get your checkups done and stick on the right dose suggested by an expert

Where you can buy Anabolic Steroids

The UK covers most of the forms of Anabolic Steroids available in different forms like tablets, gels, creams, injections in the market.

Why Buy Steroids UK

Here are the reasons to Buy Steroids UK :-

  • They promise to offer the best quality products that are reliable
  • They check the production quality regularly
  • The UK provides the latest information on the safe use of steroids

Ways of misuse of anabolic steroids

  1. Cycling

When a person takes many doses of steroids for a specific period, stop for some time and again restart it is called Cycling.

  1. Stacking

When different steroids are taken or two forms of steroids are mixed and taken by a person it is known as stacking.

  1. Pyramiding

When a steroid is taken for six to twelve weeks and then gradually reduced its intake is called pyramiding. There is a belief that this increase decrease and halt the procedure of steroid intake let the body adapt to high doses and regain hormonal balance in the body. 

  1. Plateauing

When one steroid intake is changed to other to avoid ineffectiveness of the first steroid and then again going back to the first form is called plateauing.

Knowing all the information now you can think of buying anabolic steroids to enhance your performance. Check with an expert on the recommended dose for your individual need. Always keep yourself informed before buying any anabolic steroids to achieve the desired result and have safe usage.

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