5 Home Learning Tools That Make Life Simpler

In a world where everyone is becoming more distant by the day, it is vital to keep a close watch on your development and evolution. You can never stop learning, therefore it is more important than ever to have the best learning tools at your disposal and stay on track.

The internet is a powerful storehouse of information and learning. You can always download the latest eBooks to help complement your learning from sites like ipiratebay. No matter which area you are interested in, you are going to find credible learning material for the same online

Whether you are a student or a professional pursuing your education, the past couple of years have proven to be a figurative wrench in the wheels of your education. You were physically separated from your communities and distanced from your learning surroundings. Once again, technology came to the rescue, and numerous firms released fantastic new learning tools designed to fill that exact need.

Some tools were always available, but their popularity skyrocketed in recent years. You should take away from this that these tools are not only useful in emergencies but can also be used in your day-to-day learning process to improve efficiency.


As an ardent reader, after reading the important books on certain topics, the biggest challenge is finding new things to learn from. It is getting increasingly difficult, especially after self-publishing got popular, to filter through all of the available possibilities and choose something that will both benefit and entertain you.

Blinkist selects books and summaries them in the form of small audio samples known as blinks. A Blinkist entry usually takes approximately 15 minutes to listen to (or read, if that is what you prefer).

The software offers a powerful tagging system that allows you to pick the books you need depending on their type or on previous ones you have read. This software will help you find new books to read and learn from more quickly. It will also help you waste as little time as possible determining which books are not worth your attention.


Headway is comparable to Blinkist, however, it is a recent market entrant. Their program is tidy, and the user experience is simple.

The program is fantastic at recognizing your reading patterns and recommending what to read next based on your past reading habits. Although their collection is not as large as Blinkist’s at the moment, they make an effort to provide summaries for new books as they come out, as well as some of the more well-known non-fiction works.


Udemy is a website and app that offers online learning via video courses. The content is diverse and targeted toward personal and professional growth.

The site is easy to use, and locating what you are looking for is simple. Because the app is used by thousands of people, you get a lot of feedback and testimonials for each course.

The one disadvantage of Udemy is that it does not offer a subscription model, so if you want to take many courses, you must pay for each one separately. However, as the firm tries to recruit more students, the app frequently offers considerable discounts.


Coursera is another great resource for learning, especially if you want to gain a credential and utilize it to apply for jobs. Unlike Udemy, Coursera focuses on academics, and for an extra charge, you may obtain a certificate proving that you finished the course.

One of the good things about Coursera is that they provide a subscription plan that offers unrestricted access to all courses as well as certifications. Of course, all courses are self-paced, making them ideal for productive study at home or on the road.

The Great Courses

Whereas Coursera focuses mostly on professional abilities, The Great Courses provides a larger range of lessons for practically every pastime you can think of. The Great Courses Plus is an upgrade program that offers a subscription model that provides unrestricted access to their extensive material.

One of the nicest aspects of The Great Courses is that they provide professionally prepared video courses taught by some of the world’s best educators and experts in their respective fields. The Great Courses not only has a user-friendly design, but it also connects straight into the Roku TV player and is accessible on Amazon Kindle.

Summing Up

Learning is a duty. The concept that you finish your education at school and then go on to life is obsolete, and we need to shift that thinking for good.

Every one of us has room to improve, and if learning is pushed to the bottom of our priority list, you will eventually fall flat. Only by making time for learning and showing up every day will you be able to develop a better personality.

Using the applications mentioned here will allow you to enhance your knowledge base. But these apps won’t work well if you don’t have good internet. So before you start using these apps, you need to ensure you have reliable internet. Windstream Internet will give you the reliability that you desire. Windstream Internet Customer Service is just a call away.

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