Beginners Guide to Editing Videos for YouTube

YouTube is a vast platform where people showcase their research and experiences in videos. Most people trying to gain knowledge on anything now depend on the YouTube videos as it gives them a visual demonstration. 

You need to understand that you cannot get great at video editing in one day. It requires you to keep practising continuously to hone your skills and become adept at using all the tools that are available. One great way that you can practice is by downloading video editing software from credible platforms like

It might be surprising, but YouTube is bombarded with 300 hours of fresh content every minute, making it even more competitive. We can always understand that many excellent videos are waiting to soar in the glorious virtual world.

Many of us would want to start our journeys in the world of videos. However, we must have a profound knowledge of editing the videos properly. It might be easy to gather content through mobile devices, but we need to add a spark that adds value to our videos and makes us stand out from the rest.

As beginners, we would not cope with a complicated video editor for YouTube It would be ideal to work with simple tools and gather some expertise. You can start working with a simple-to-use online video editor for beginners or YouTube Studio can be your ideal choice. It’s available for free and has straightforward steps, making the videos work very well.

Editing through YouTube Studio

The main advantage of using YouTube Studio is that it is available for free, and also, the steps and tricks to work with this Editor are much easier than any other editor. However, it is a fundamental tool with no high-end techniques. 

There are some straightforward steps to use this Editor, which will be helpful to trim away the unwanted parts of videos. The measures provided are as follows, making it very easy for the newbies to edit their videos.

  • We sign in to the YouTube Studio, and then in the left sidebar, we click on content.
  • Now we will find a tab called Uploads where we click the thumbnail of the video we want to edit. We have to check the small square box on the left-hand side to select the video.
  • In the left sidebar, we click Editor and then trim the unwanted portions of the video clip.
  • When we want to trim the beginning or the end of the video, we select the trim option next to the timer of the video right above the timeline’s panel.
  • Next, we will see a blue box around the sides of the video timeline panel. We now drag them to chop off the unwanted parts of the video, either in the beginning or at the end of the clip.
  • Finally, we click preview to view the edit and then click the save button on the top right-hand corner if we are happy with the improvement and want it published in the final video.
  • Suppose we wanted to trim the parts in the middle of the video clip. We would have to select trim and then click the beginning of the clip. We want to remove and then click split. Then in the timeline panel, we have to click the end of the clip that we would like to remove and then click split again. Finally, we click on the blue line at the beginning of the end of the clip and drag it to the other side of the screen if we want it out of the video.
  • We should click preview to view the edited video and click on save if we are satisfied with the outcome of the video.

Now, if we want the viewers to find options to see any of our related videos, playlists or subscribe to the channel, we have to click on the end screen icon, which is there at the bottom of the timeline panel. We can upload our existing screen template by clicking the apply option in the pop-up menu. We can also choose from the Editor’s native options like Video, Playlist, Subscribe, Channel or Link.

These are some steps to get aid from the most accessible editors that YouTube provides us. 

Easy ways to get the videos eye-catching

Although here are the steps on how the videos can be edited, we should keep certain things in mind to make the videos more intriguing. Let’s look at the steps:

  • Engaging thumbnails

Thumbnails are the first thing we see before we click into any video. So, it is imperative that we first get the audience’s attention. The screenshots in the video, which are memorable or unique, can be kept as thumbnails for the tape so that everyone is interested in watching the video.

  • Storytelling

We must always weave the contents in the video like a story. There is an introduction, the body, and finally, the conclusion in a storybook. All the video contents should also be set up and edited. This way, the audience will not get bored and be involved in the video.

  • Engaging Elements

We must add other engaging elements apart from the topic in the video so that the people watching can grow interested. Adding music, images, animation, texts, etc., will emphasize the awesome content. But we must make sure not to overdo this. The video will lose its focus.

  • Simplicity

We must keep the videos plain and simple and not add too many features to them. The video will lose focus, but the people will also get fed up and lose interest in the videos. Too many distractions can make the videos dysfunctional and make the audience lose interest.

  • Take a break

We might get too bogged down by the continuous editing of the videos, and we lose our focus. This way, everything will seem inadequate and futile, and we will never understand what to do. So, we must take sufficient breaks every time and come back after some time to start everything from the beginning afresh.

These are some of the most critical points that can be followed so that your YouTube videos can be something people look forward to. So, we should try to abide by these and give the best results.

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