Suspense and Mystery Series That WIll Definitely Grab You

A missing person, a corpse in a forest, a serial killer… These are scary topics in our lives but we love to watch them on TV. There is nothing like a good mystery or suspense series to keep you hooked. 

If there’s one genre we adore, it’s thrillers. After all, there’s nothing more delightful than the sense of anxiety on the edge of your sofa, intermingled with action sequences and high-stakes romance. We can also learn about the dark side of the world, how a normal person can become entangled in a violent, problematic, or even illegal situation, and how this is connected to murders, old mysteries that were never solved and that come to light some time later to expose the worst of society.

Ready to pick a series for tonight? Here’s our complete list so you’ll never get bored.


Sherlock’s world is millimetric, enthralling, intriguing, and fascinating in equal measure. There are so many inexplicable twists and turns in this story. It’s a well-rounded show, from its performers to its texts to its staging and all in between. There are no leaks in the BBC series, and everything is exactly in place as it should be. Sherlock is a must-see, a symbol of British identity and the extent to which British fiction is capable of reaching. There are a number of distinguishing characteristics, as well as narrative acrobatics, that allow it to be so amazing. Based in London, Sherlock is the one who will let you experience the most mysterious crimes and mysteries happening in the city.

Hit & Run

Previously we mentioned Sherlock and London, the city where Simber is providing chauffeur services and who knows, perhaps Sherlock used them to get some work done. However, now we are leaving London and from there, with this article’s paragraph, we will travel to Israel to meet Segev Azulai who is a simple man, providing chauffeur and tour services in Israel, and who is the center of the story of the tv series Hit & Run. 

He finds his life turned upside down after his wife is killed in a strange accident in Tel Aviv, which is the setting for this series. Segev soon devotes his attention to the search for the murderers who have fled to the United States, revealing the disturbing truth about his wife as well as a number of secrets she had kept hidden from him during the investigation. The main character in the series is played by Israeli actor Lior Raz, whom we first encountered while watching the political thriller “Fauda,” which he co-wrote with Avi Issacharoff and which also bears the same title as the series.

The Sinner

Each season will take approximately six hours to watch, but it is highly entertaining in a way that will make the time pass quickly. Although it is not widely recognized outside of the tv series community, it is considered to be one of the best series to have been produced in recent years. Cora Tannetti (Jessica Biel), a young woman vacationing at a lake with her husband and son, stabs a complete stranger to death for no apparent reason.

She claims in her statement that she has no idea why she did what she did. In the course of his investigation, a police officer (Bill Pullman) gets obsessed with uncovering the woman’s true motivation. They embark on a perilous trip into the depths of her psyche in order to uncover the mysteries that have been kept from her since childhood.

The Blacklist

Former government agent Raymond “Red” Reddington (James Spader) has been one of the FBI’s most sought-after fugitives for more than 30 years. “Red” is renowned as the “janitor of crime” since he has been involved in numerous shady deals. For the Army Intelligence, Red was a member of the Intelligence Corps.

He left their ranks to become one of the most wanted terrorists in the United States, but now he has decided to surrender and hand himself up to the authorities. After this, he decides to make the FBI an ambiguous offer: to assist in the search for the missing terrorist Ranko Zamani, but only if he can talk to agent Elisabeth Keen. Red appears to have no connection to Keen, who has been given the task of maintaining tabs on the fugitive criminal who has been handed over. Despite Tom’s cheating a few years ago, he manages to keep the couple together and support the agent.

Behind Her Eyes

Behind Her Eyes has won over viewers all around the world, and in the short time since its release, it has swiftly risen to the top of the most watched titles list. If it is not already on your list, it is time to add this a must-see trend. Without giving too much away, the plot of the sitcom revolves around the married pair Adele and David, with David embarking on an affair with his single mother Louise, over whom he also serves as the show’s executive producer. Louise discreetly befriends his enigmatic wife Adele, and it is at this point that the twisted web of lies and secrets begins to unravel. Unpredictable all the way to the conclusion.

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