Men’s Diamond Chains and Necklaces Shopping Guide

A nice statement necklace is the easiest way to enhance your elegance. Whether you want to look classy or want to grab all the attention in the room, a nice piece of exquisite chain is your requirement. A piece of jewelry does more than enhance your look. An extravagant piece of metal tells about a person’s personality.

Wearing a diamond chain or necklace not only tells about your social status, but it also has more to it. Consider getting ready for a romantic dinner and just wearing a nice simple yet elegant chain.

Well, that an elevated look. A sort of glance, which can grasp the consciousness immediately. We all know that diamonds are so in style; however, they can cost you a lot if you do not have a piece of accurate information.

Everything you wear from head to toe must enhance and tell a brief introduction about your personality. It is said that necklaces tell a different story; whether an athlete or a famous rapper, the type of jewelry they wear talks about their story.

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How to wear a men’s necklace?

Here are a few things that you should consider before you purchase any diamond necklace. These things will help you to evaluate the best fit for you.

What image do you want to portray?

Before you purchase a diamond necklace for a man, see what you expect from the necklace. Do you want it to be an attention grabber? Something sparkly enough to grab attention from space like hip-hop jewelry or something simple. Diamond necklaces come in a variety of shapes, and you can choose for a specific occasion or regular use.

Know your basic dress up style

What will you be wearing with the chain? Are you planning to wear it on top of your shirt or beneath it? Deciding this will help you choose the length of your necklace. A nice tag-style pendant will look elegant on top of your tees. However, a 2mm pendant peeking beneath your shirt will make its appearance.

How many do you want to wear?

Luckily, you can rock a little hip-hop look with varying different textures and lengths of necklaces on top of your t-shirt or turtlenecks. Wearing three different thicknesses of chains will make a statement of its own.

Choosing the best length for your necklaces

For most men’s necklaces, 50 cm (20) is the average length. Mainly falls at the collarbone (between the first two buttons of the shirt). This kind of length is ideal for wearing inside or outside your shit. Suppose you are optimistic about the pendant necklaces. Go for the length 55-63 cm. this length lies in the middle of the chest and makes its appearance vibrant yet enhances your look to its best. Any length 35 to 45 cm is ideal for wearing above the shirts.

Moreover, anything 61 to 73 can be a good combination with your other thick-chained necklaces or bead necklaces to give you your desired looks.

If you are a fan of the chain but do not want it to be a statement, anything between 2-6 mm width is a good start. When combining your chains with a pendant, it is always important to ensure they do not contradict. The more they fit together, the better they look. It is ideal for mixing and matching different options between making any statement look. Anything about 10 mm in width is a stated piece to make you center of attention. Well, here you are already in that “I am here to impress zone,” which is everyone’s desire.

Choose the right clasps.

The chain clasps play a vital role in a comprehensive exhibition of chains. A good chain can still be on your denylist due to wrong clasps. Spring clasps operate with a spring mechanism. It is the most traditional clasps. However, it might be tricky for a few. You can use a lobster clasp onehandedly. You can easily push up and down the liver with your hand.

Barrel-shaped are the easiest ones to use as the two metal pieces are screwed together to form their resemblance to the barrel. Fishhook clasp is the easiest to unhook on your own as it fastened into the hook on the other side. Lastly, the magnetic clasp is easy yet not that durable. It is not a secured option for such an expensive asset.

Know what to get within your cost options:

The most crucial question is how much do gold chains cost?. The pricing element of a chain depends on the weight of the selected chain, it may increase with its weight. A longer chain will cost you more than a smaller chain. The total cost of the chain includes the amount of gold metal weight and the carat weight of the stones you added into them. A 14k solid gold chain can cost you around $26,432. However, the price may increase according to the design you choose and the type of gemstones you choose.


Chain is a key element to upgrade your style game. It is a long-term decision, which can make a statement into your personality. It is important to choose the best kind of chain for yourself. An investment in the diamond necklace is a financial investment and an investment you make in memories. Whatever you choose but make sure it fits your personality. It is better to evaluate everything according to your choice and requirement before you purchase. These chains and necklaces will surely enhance your lifestyle and give a stunning look you are wondering to get.

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