Valentine’s Day Gift for Him: Everything Your Tech Man Wishes to Have

When it comes to buying gadgets men can be very choosy. They like to have their proper research before purchasing anything techy. They even take days to choose fast speed hughesnet internet deals as a good tech-time depends on high-speed internet. Therefore, to make sure our guide for best tech gifts for your man has everything that they will approve of; we have done some intense research.

Without further ado, let’s have a look at some of the latest and leading tech gadgets that will make your man jump to his feet’s:

Apple Watch: Series 5 Smartwatch

If you are dating a tech person there’s no way you haven’t seen him luring upon the cool Apple smartwatches. 

The fifth incarnation of the Apple watch has everything a smartwatch wishes to have. The smartwatch keeps you organized, informs you about your heartbeat, tells you when you’re being too lazy, helps you in maintaining fitness by tracking your walk and swimming, but most importantly it makes you look like a tech God, and who doesn’t want that? 

The Apple Watch has a series lined up for you that are equally good as its fifth incarnation. Apple watches three, four and five and worth gifting to your better half on Valentine’s Day.

Beef Jerky Valentine

Giving something out-of-the-box to your man will make him feel special. For example, give him a meatcard. A meat card is an edible card with laser beams. Your message will be engraved on edible jerky. Meat Cards™ is a unique beef jerky valentine your man will surely love.

Bose QC 35 ii Headphones

Before you scroll down thinking that your guy already has a pair of headphones and there is no need to buy another one, then stop right scrolling!

Men can be complex when it comes to choosing the right perfume or shirt. But, when it comes to headphones, they have just one simple rule, which is:

“There’s no such thing as too many headphones”

Bose QC 35 ii Headphones are a little expensive and you might need to cancel the date you planned afterward but honestly speaking there is nothing a tech man fancies than a chic pair of headphones. The high-quality sound and a battery that lasts for over 17 hours, which is enough to cherish its awesome-ness.

Not to forget the best feature this headphone is the noise-canceling specialty. So if you and your guy want to have quality time on your flight but the children on board can’t stop crying and screaming then you know what to do. Use these headphones; do not say anything to the child. 

Apple Air Pods Pro

Do we even need to tell you why you should buy these for your man? 

Well for starters, they are awesome. 

Secondly, Apple Air Pods Pro are super-light in weight, super-great in audio quality and super-comfortable to use. 

These might be a little on the expensive side but this smart purchasing might help you satisfy your fancy tech side as well.  

Echo Dot 

Let us introduce you to the woman you can trust your man with. The woman who lets you have your me-time while she is handling orders from your man. The woman who’s presence in your home will not bother you the slightest. And that woman is none other than Alexa. 

Echo Dot is a small smart speaker that comes with Alexa, the virtual digital assistant that every man needs in his life. Alexa is one of the most helpful and enjoyable assistance you can imagine to have in your home. 

From setting alarm to opening garages switches and doors, Alexa can take control of everything at your home and workplace. 

As weird, as it might sound but apart from giving your man a good time, Alexa and Echo Dot are be pretty helpful for you too. From setting reminders to having chit chat in the kitchen, this gadget will be the BFF you never thought you need. 

Sono One SL Speaker 

This old school portable speaker with no microphone built-in allows your man to relive the old times. 

If you’re someone who has also fancied the old school love that required zero presence of virtual assistants on a movie date then these speakers are must-have in your home. 

Sono One SL Speaker, the wireless speakers are easy to carry around at any place at any time. The speakers are resistant to humidity, so you can use these to have a fun shower time and give your bathroom singing talent a break. 

Furthermore, to control these speakers you can use the app on your phone called Apple Airplay 2 or you can completely relive the old days and use the actual buttons on the unit. 


Even if you have the tech geek who claims he has everything. The gadgets suggested above are something he will love to have in a bundle. So, this 14 February let your gift reflect how much you care about your significant other by giving him something he wishes to have. 

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