Things to Know Before Visiting Pawna Lake Camp

If you are a frequent traveller, you are always looking for the most affordable and economic strategies. This article will provide helpful advice to help you. If you’re thinking of visiting Pawna Lake, then let me know about what the booking agent does not tell you.

Pawna Lake is a beautiful location in the Lonavala region. Only local taxis will transport you from the Lonavala station or bus stop to the campsite. There are no local vehicles accessible due to the hilly terrain.

As Pawna lake becomes well-known for its tranquillity and lush greenery, tourists flock from different areas and locations of India. Even though it’s a rural and remote area, the locals are friendly and are becoming more respectful of tourists. The majority of customers inquire whether “Is Pawna lake safe for Women?” Is it safe for women to swim in it? Are you going to be shocked that we held a ladies-only party exclusively for the Rotary Club South Bombay? The majority of the Lady guests were first-time attending any camping event, and they had a blast at the level.

Another issue that people are having is about the best time for camping is Pawna lake. If you’ve ever been camping, and you know that winter is the ideal season, nowadays, campers are taking advantage of the monsoon, too. Villagers are starting to provide shelter for tents, as well as dining, as well as the waterproof brand tents.

Pawna Lake Camping for families and couples is an entirely different need since customers don’t want to be a part of a group with drunkards or bachelors. When you look at the condition, a few campgrounds offer distinct sections for families and couples.

The most controversial topic concerns the Pawna Lake camping price. This is the most intriguing aspect, and everybody wants to know more details about Pawna camping costs. It depends on the amount of package included and the kind of services offered on the field.

Pawna is a popular destination which is why it attracts the younger crowds more. Pawna Lake is just 20 kilometres away from Lonavala city. It is situated 65 kms from Pune and 80 kms from Mumbai. Although the road conditions at the end are not the best, it offers the sensation of excitement.

Dear travellers, if you still have doubts or questions, please leave a comment, and we’ll attempt to solve your issue as soon as possible.

Trekking places near Pawna Lake

Are you looking for the perfect weekend getaway with your loved ones and family? Are you seeking an opportunity to relax from all the stress of the busy week? Perhaps you want to spend some “me amid nature? The gorgeous Pawna Lake is an artificial reservoir that is located just 20 kilometres from Lonavala. There are plenty of Trekking spots close to Pawna Lake in perfect proximity to Pune or Mumbai.


This gorgeous reservoir has recently been a hot spot for hiking and camping in the vicinity of Lonavala. Take a look at our current Pawna Camping Packages. Experience the most stunning sunrise and sunsets that bring attractive colours, which always make you marvel at what Mother Nature has created. The position in Pawna Lake surrounded by the hills provides a stunning landscape, making it an ideal spot for campers. It also holds an important historical value, with fortifications strategically placed around it and more attractive for those seeking trekking destinations near Lonavala.



Lohagad fort will take visitors back in time to the Satavahana Dynasty. The well-preserved fort rises to 1033 meters above sea level. It is situated over Pawana Lake, giving a perfect photo to bring back as a keepsake. During monsoons, the fort gets covered by moss, dew and green, making it a beautiful sight.

The other interesting aspect of this fort is that it connects to Visapur fort via a small distance. It’s located 77km away from Pune and 99 kilometres from Mumbai, making it an ideal place to visit from both cities. The closest railway station to the fort is Malavali, 9 km from the station, from which the trek typically begins.


Visapur Fort has a fascinating trail that will take nature enthusiasts with awe each time. The popular tourist spot is high and has the highest point of 1084 meters. It offers stunning views from Tikona fort, Tung fort, Lohagad Fort and the gorgeous Pawna Lake. Visapur Fort is a part of Lohagad fort, making it a double fortification, with Visapur the tallest.

It is interesting to note that there are three ways to walk to the fort:

1: Patan village trail

2. Bhaje caves trail 

3. Gaimukh Khind trai

 It generally takes about 1 – 1.5 hours to get there, depending on the path you follow to reach the summit. The course can be contacted via Mumbai and Pune. In reality, If you begin early, you could hike to Twin Fort on the same day.


The gorgeous Tikona fort, also called Vitandgad and more commonly referred to as Triangle fort, is a fantastic hiking destination for anyone who loves adventure. It is situated at an altitude of 3580 feet above sea level and opens to a vast landscape of lakes and forts. The fort is well-known for its massive doors, caves, temples, Trimbakeshwarmahadev and a tiny water tank.

It is 60km far from Pune and 120 kilometres from Mumbai. The road to Tikona fort is filled with stunning views and gorgeous lakes. It usually takes about an hour to get to the top of the hill from the base of Tikona fort.


It is the nearest to a train station to Malvali and is accessible via Lonavala. Tung fort is situated at an elevation of 1075m above sea level. With the Pawna dam being built, the defence is surrounded by three water bodies, making it a stunning view to see from the hill’s summit.

It is located just 90 kilometres from Pune and 105km from Mumbai. It is a perfect place to go during monsoons for treks near Lonavala. The fort is included in the list of monsoon trek spots amongst a myriad of defences. The views are spectacular as you climb to the summit in the mountains.


The Unexplored hill fort has just been discovered by hikers close to Lonavala. It may be a watchtower that was used to keep an eye on defences nearby. The reason is situated 16 km away from Lonavala. It is a perfect place for those seeking an unexplored experience, far from the tourist traps. The legend says that the fort rises to 2500 feet above sea level.


Korigad is a gorgeous hill fort situated at the height of 929 meters above sea level. It is an easy hike for those searching for a suitable trekking location close to Lonavala with amazing views from Aamby valley city and Tung and Tikona fort. There are two ways to climb to the summit of the defence: The route from Peth-Shahpur, and the way to Ambavane village. The road from Peth- Shahpur is easier to traverse and is preferred by many.

Here are a few intriguing trekking destinations close to Pawna Lake you can plan for your next trip on your way to Pawna Lake.

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