How to Grow Your Ecommerce Business Through Instagram Marketing

ECommerce is a fast-growing world offering advantages like sustained communication between the sellers and buyers, global reach, and convenience. 

Using an Instagram video editor in tandem with optimizing your eCommerce site design will help you with conversions and with brand awareness.

Marketing your eCommerce business on different social media platforms is a wise decision. However, not all the channels might prove to be beneficial for your marketing efforts.

Instagram would be the top choice among the most popular ones, with 500 million daily active users and 90% of the accounts following at least a single business. Hence, there are massive opportunities available for eCommerce businesses through Instagram marketing. 

Implementing the right eCommerce marketing strategies on Instagram will help you in driving a lot of sales. There are many different ways of using Instagram marketing for the growth of your eCommerce business.

Let’s have a look:

Create a Great Instagram Profile

Instagram is an out and out visual platform. So, you must ensure that your profile on the platform can attract a large number of visitors. First of all, go for a username reflecting the name of your business.

Your username should give visitors a basic idea of what your page covers. Next, work on the profile picture. The most preferred profile picture for your eCommerce business on Instagram would be the image or logo of your company.

Make sure the profile picture is attractive. Working on your bio is also very important as it comes as a scope to sell a business. Use very few words to speak about your business, the products and services you are offering, and what the visitors should expect to get from you.

Make sure your bio also contains a CTA that leads the visitors to the landing page or the store where the customers can glance at the products you are offering. In case you have a business hashtag, add the same to the bio.

Build Community to Earn the Trust of the People

Simply getting on Instagram and making videos of your products and services will not bring your business. People will not buy from you automatically. Remember, people like buying products from sources they trust, which is quite scarce on the web.

That’s because of all the scams and fake news. Therefore, if you are looking to drive sales, you must appear reliable and trustworthy to potential customers. One of the best ways of doing this is by sharing top-quality content that viewers find useful.

Consider the requirements of your prospects on Instagram and share content that quenches this. Next, work around your content to build a community by interacting with the followers through DMs, comments, and likes.

Of course, this procedure will take some time, but once you get it right, it will earn you the customers’ trust and will also help generate sales year after year. Nevertheless, if you do not have much time, buy an Instagram account that already has a community.

Create Top-Quality Content Consistently

Avid marketers will know that good quality content does not take much time to attract prospective buyers and visitors to the Instagram page. So, they use storytelling and always make it a point to be interesting. This is crucial for creating memorable content.

You have the option of experimenting with different varieties of content to engage with the customers and prospects. You can consistently post content on Instagram by creating them in advance and segregating the same in batches.

Make use of the calendar for guiding you while scheduling content in a way, so you have consistent output. The best type of content to post for eCommerce Instagram marketing are the ones with challenges and trends.

Always utilize different trends to make the people glued to your Instagram page and, eventually, eCommerce store. Using challenges encourages the followers to buy your products and services, provided the challenges are created accordingly.

Make Sales Videos

Once you have gained the trust of the followers, you have a clear and targeted audience you can sell to. Now, you’ve got the option of creating content that is completely focused on bringing in sales. So, start making sales videos with the use of an Instagram video editor. However, in order to get more orders and visibility, it is best to create more visual content. Good quality videos go a long way in generating more sales than the other content forms.

As for Instagram, you can publish your videos in different formats like Reels and IGTV. This will definitely help you in reaching a large number of individuals within the shortest time. A word of caution is not to forget to tag products in your sales videos.

Going this way will make it very easy for individuals to get hold of your products. Interested buyers can simply tap on the video once and see all the products they showcase. Once they are here, they can easily click on the product links and automatically get directed to the landing page.

Run Advertisements

Running advertisements will be the right deal for you if you do not want to take the long path of building community or gaining the trust of prospects. Using advertisements in the right way will help you in delivering an intended message to interested buyers instantly.

You have the option of retargeting people who have already bought from you or the cold audiences. You even have the option of creating content for nurturing the cold audiences and then retargeting the same with different warm advertisements.

The best is to use a blend of both in-feed advertisements and story ads to get the best results.


Using an Instagram video editor to make videos that appeal to the senses and the viewers’ minds on Instagram will bring you good business. Just put in some time to increase the organic reach of your profile. Once you succeed, no one can stop your eCommerce business from gaining conversions and sales.

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