How to Find Low-Cost Flights from the United States to India

Flying is one of the best experiences in the world, there are many tourists who swear that flying is one of the most unique experiences as they get to explore the world by entering the airports and experience the unique culture of each and every country at the very beginning of the journey. 

There are many who live very far away from their own countries and flying becomes their only option to visit and spend time with their loved ones. For Indians who are settled everywhere, cheap flights to India can be a task to find as the airfares to India are quite expensive when compared to other countries. 

More and more flights are being added to India to support the air traffic and the demand to fly to India and this can help in bringing the flight fare down. But until then, there are some easy tips and tricks to find quick and easy cheap flights to India using simple internet hacks. 

Flying from USA to India

The USA is a land of opportunities. For Indians, the USA is a dreamland as it offers unmatched education and unbelievable career opportunities. For those in India, studying and working in the USA is a dream come true. 

This is the reason why there are so many Indian students and working professionals in the USA. The USA also welcomes students and working professionals from India as Indians are considered to be extremely smart and very efficient. They are also quite dedicated and hard working and many companies invite Indians to join their USA office team from their offshore offices in India. 

Tourism between the two countries is also quite high. The most important reason can be very related to the points discussed above as more and more Indians settle down in the USA, there is more demand to fly to the USA from India to visit and tour the country, especially by friends and family. 

Apart from this, many tourists from the USA also visit India to explore their colorful and proud culture and heritage and the amazing landscape of India. 

This increases the demand for flights and therefore the surge in prices for tickets between the two countries. For those who are looking for cheap flights to and from the USA, there are many tips on the internet that can help them land attractive deals to get affordable tickets.

Tips to get Cheaper Flight Fares

Below are some of the best known tips to get cheaper flights between the USA and India:

  1. Booking a few months prior

When looking to fly to India, it is better to look for a date much further away so that the airfare is the cheapest. Have at least a month at hand before planning the travel

  1. Booking on weekdays

Booking mid-week flights are much cheaper than booking on weekends. Choose a flight that is between Tuesday and Thursday.

  1. Choosing the right airports

Some airports offer lower prices than other major airports. Flights from and to smaller towns in either of the countries can actually be cheaper than flying to major airports such as Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore. 

  1. Avoiding peak seasons

The peak season for tourism is between March to July and between October to December. Avoiding these seasons can benefit travelers as the flight costs are much cheaper during the off-season time to India. 

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