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Astrology Events of 2021

The year 2020 was nothing short of something unexpected and intense and furthermore, to align with this sense of a rare happening were the astrology events of 2020. 

This year exhibited rare alignments of the planets one of them being Aquarius’ Great Conjunction, which comes to an end on December 2021, bringing in a new age and era. However, these events did bring with them significant changes and disruptions. 

Challenges are brought on with a new year ushering in planetary retrogrades, eclipse series that aided one to align with their fate, and there will be drama that is stirred due to new batches of celestial phases among major planets. 

The Great Retrograde was the only major retrograde that 2021 witnessed that still brings with it phenomenal and extraordinary astrological happenings. 

As the cosmic happenings are setting themselves up for new events, astrologers and keen enthusiasts are preparing to witness them. Having said that, here are a few major astrological events that took place in 2021 that have set the stage for the next phase of astrological phenomena. 

The Era of Aquarius 

Aquarius’ Great Conjunction that will take place towards the end of December marks Jupiter’s and Saturn’s first alignments since 1405, their closest conjuncture in the last 400 years. 

According to the astrological calendars, Saturn will be in Aquarius throughout 2023 while Jupiter remains in this position for the next year. The age of Aquarius is marked by its forward-thinking and progressive energy. 

The intense entrance of the sign’s energy (Aquarius is an air sign) in upcoming February will guide society’s frameworks and will shift focus to new innovations, technological progress, and humanitarian matters.  

Mercury Retrograde Falling in the Air Signs

There is a theme this year which is exhibited by the Air signs’ energies, that has been fuelled further by the three periods of the Mercury retrograde in 2021, within the air elements namely Aquarius, Libra, and Gemini. January 30th was witness to the first retrograde, followed by May 29th and ending on September 27th.  

Air signs are said to be the most mentally focussed and social among the zodiacs so when Mercury retrogrades with these signs, people have to deal with added confusion with regards to thinking and communication. 

This gives people the opportunity to rethink and reflect on how they interact with others. It teaches people to be thoughtful and sensitive with the way they communicate with people they know personally, are acquainted with, people one has just met, or in the workplace. 

Eclipses in Sagittarius and Gemini 

Every solar and lunar eclipse that has and will happen takes place on the Sagittarius/Gemini axis. This means that they will either in any of the conflicting signs or others. As per usual, these lunar phase cycles will give rise to powerful revelations & realizations, many unexpected beginnings one is yet to expeience, and unanticipated endings or changes. 

In the spring of 2021, the first two sets of eclipses arrived on the 26th of May and June 10th. The eclipses in fall will happen on November 19th and the 4th of December. 

These eclipses ruled by Sagittarius and Gemini will create major transformations and changes in the way one thinks and communicates with their immediate surroundings and how one relates to the world as a whole. 

These eclipses are said to have a shift in one’s spiritual and moral compasses, where one’s thought process will open up to new ideas and changes, not limiting oneself to their beliefs and perceptions and accepting people as they are once 2022 comes around. 

Mars/Venus Conjunction 

In terms of romance and sensuality, a passionate and bold Mars aligned with Venus (particularly when they both met in the realm of a fire sign like Leo on the 13th of July), where sparks and intimate connections would’ve been forged during this time. 

The conjunction between Venus and Mars happens once in two years, it will start a new phase when relationships, creativity and sexual expression are considered. One gets confident and sure of themselves when they go after what they want and being more honest, expressive and passionate about what brings them pleasure. 

The erotic Mars/Venus conjunction served as a pinnacle of this supercharged and powerful cosmic link. Through Leo, the sex and love planets has journyed together from 27th of June through 21st of July, that gave many the advantage of this erotic and sensual harmony. 

Besids this, neither Mars nor Venus will retrograde in 2021. So, until their area of rulership ends, things will be running rather smoothly. 

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