Plus Size Harem Pants Ideas in 2021

What is it that we all have in common when it comes to that “one very comfortable wardrobe collection from which I would always pick up my impromptu party and yoga wear?” 

It is the fact that irrespective of our body shape and size, we seek a blend of comfort and aestheticism, no matter what event we are to attend. A specimen of this blend is the underrated Harem Pants for Women

These are stretchable, skin-friendly, chic, and the most important feature-like your fashion choices, these are not gender-selective AND body-size selective either! That said, it is very essential for everyone to better navigate these boho pants, keeping in mind their body fit (and personality type too, maybe?). 

For you to embrace your real YOU in a way like never before, we bring you 4 Ideas To Style Plus in 2021. Let’s get started!

  1. Patterns or Solids- What to Buy?

The loose-fitting and easygoing harem pants are, in general, relatively of a fuller and bigger size compared to your regular denim. These are not skin-fit or skittish, making you feel less conscious of your outfit choice (you would agree, won’t you?) 

The difference that “plus size harem pants’’ make, and as is obvious by the name, is that they tend to fit (and still be loose) on women with a more ‘plus size’ figure. This type of sizing, makes the regular harem pants seem extravagant and tailor made even for the XL, XXL sizes, and beyond. 

Alright, so you found your fit, (Congratulations!) but which of the two- prints or solids would enhance your confidence, you think? Yes, you got it right; it COMPLETELY depends on what occasion are the pants being worn for.

A solid, beige-coloured t-shirt would mix wonderfully with a polka-dot harem pants design when you are just trying some prose-writing with a relaxing ASMR in the background, or maybe even while binge-watching! A combination opposite to this can be put into the equation when you’re attending a dance or yoga workshop. So, you do you, girl. Choose wisely!

  1. Can I Pair Them Up with Heels or Crocs?

In the section above, I said once and (funny how) I quote myself- “It COMPLETELY depends on what occasion are the pants being worn for.”

If being paired with a plain, prim, and proper vest top or tank-top, for an activity that demands comfort before anything- a pair of sandals or crocs are the way to go.

But, consider that harem pants for women are ankle-length, which might make it tricky (and trippy) for you to pair it with something as straight-jacketed as a pair of Native shoes or Wally Sox Loafer. So, choose footwear that goes with the heightened yet flowing structure of the pants, show some curves, and paint the town red, Rachel! For a cooler look, pair harem pants with sneakers. Sneakers are something that goes perfectly with the structure of pants and will give you the look that you will always admire. We recommend Loom sneakers. Loom is the pair of shoes that comes with amazing features including breathability, flexibility, waterproof etc. Moreover, these shoes are made with the vegan material which means no animal were harmed in manufacturing those. If you are looking for non slip shoes, Loom Footwear is the one you should go for.

  1. Am I too “curvy” to be Wearing Harem Pants for Women?

For the lack of a better term, and withholding all of my angst back, one answer- NO!!

Plus-size harem pants aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, thanks to their casual, laid-back vibe and timeless look. 

They’re a fantastic choice to add to your collection for those of you with larger figures. There will always be detractors, but curvaceous shapes have always looked terrific in wide drapey pants with a narrower waist. Harem pants are versatile enough to go with a variety of outfits and events, and it’s because of this that they’ve been popular for so long.

They are much more bendable and flatter plus-size shapes and sizes. And just by the by, Silk is a soft but pricey fabric, as well as a material that environmentalists and people worried about animal cruelty should skip.

  1. Which Apparels and Accessories Go Best with Plus-Size Harem Pants?

For exercises like yoga, many women prefer harem pants over tights because they are more discreet. After all, who does not want to get every yoga asana right day in and day out? 

These pants do not stick or succumb to your sweating, making it easier to conduct hefty body movements in yoga. You may also wear the pants with a beaded bralette to make an impression.

But really, the question is- ‘How can I accessorize my printed tee and harem pants combo?’

Cool, but before that, note that ‘printed tees’ and ‘solids’ are not the only alternatives for you to choose from. A button-up blouse that drapes as easily as your pants, can be coupled up with harem pants for women. 

For a more Ariana Grande outlook, tie up a high ponytail, experiment with a pair of calf-length harem pants for women, and, TA-DA! A bralette can be paired with them. 

Harem pants are effortless wardrobe staples, so it’s a guarantee that they’ll look fantastic with these other easy-to-wear pieces. An ivory bralette and charcoal harem pants combo, for example, is a stylish, casual appearance.

This style can be elevated with a checkered coat and ankle boots, making it even more stylish.

PAIR THE LOOSE WITH SOMETHING LOOSE, like harem pants with off-shoulder tops or a minimalistic Kimono, what say?

The twenty-first century loves to celebrate spring (and even winters) by exposing a little skin. What better way to flaunt your amazing sun-kissed beauty than with an off-the-shoulder top? It’s time to take on your wool tights and surrender to the force of the chilly weather season. 

Although this fashion may never be appropriate for the office, it is undoubtedly a vacation and after-hours staple in all seasons. An off-the-shoulder blouse is sensual and playful since it exposes your neckline and sides while still giving room for fantasy. Don’t make this trend too restrictive. 

The broader, harem pants look is the path to go. Might we say it’s the ideal outfit for putting you in the mood for a rock festival, but it’s also fully presentable once your rock concert days are over? Yes, we believe so! Whether you’re going to Woodstock or just having chicken shawarma at home, harness your inner Doja Cat by pairing this blouse with striped or plain harem trousers for women and, let’s just F  L O W!

Follow these iconic harem pants tips and the next time someone calls you out on your body shape or body shames you, just stick a “How curvy is too curvy?” candy bar in their face, adjust your bohemian pants, and flip some hair back.

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