Why Restaurants are Using Custom-Printed Garden Flags to Attract Customers

Generating profit for restaurant owners was always difficult. In the post-COVID19 world, it’s even more difficult. Many retail brands have recovered from the financial woes of 2020 because of healthy funding. But, for small restaurant owners, that’s not the case.

The restaurant industry is dominated by small, independent owners. Around 70% of all restaurants are owned by small, independent owners. These restaurant owners had to undertake serious budget cuts during the pandemic to achieve financial sustainability.

That means most small-scale restaurant owners are spending very little on marketing. The ones that are spending money on marketing are using low-cost marketing tools. Custom-printed garden flags are such tools that have become popular among restaurant owners.

What is a Custom Garden Flag?

A custom garden flag is a high-visibility marketing tool. Many companies use these flags to attain brand visibility in crowded marketing events. These flags are made of durable materials, so they can be placed indoors or outdoors – irrespective of weather conditions.

Most importantly, these flags are cost-effective and easy to manufacture. That’s why restaurant owners with low marketing budgets love placing these flags outside their business locations. Here are some ways restaurant owners use these flags –

  • Announce Offers to Local Audiences: Custom flags are eye-catching. If your restaurant is in a prime location, a well-designed custom flag will attract many eyes. Restaurant owners can inform these people about events, offers, discounts, etc. Plus, custom flags are cheap and easy to manufacture. They’re ideal for temporary, low-cost advertising campaigns.
  • Local Brand Awareness: Restaurant owners generate brand awareness in local communities by installing large signs, banners, etc. A well-positioned custom flag can generate similar amounts of awareness in crowded locations. These tall flags are nearly impossible to ignore when they’re standing tall above other stores and buildings.
  • Consistent Brand Building: The best custom flags are made of ultra-durable polyester fabric materials. You can leave these flags up for years. An attractive flag with your unique brand logo will generate brand awareness for long periods. People from far and wide locations will consistently look at the restaurant’s marketing messages.

How Can Restaurant Owners Use Custom Flags?

Using custom flags is a breeze. These flags typically come with –

  • The flag body is handsewn and ready to be installed.
  • A strong and sturdy pole.
  • A solid base to support the flag and the pole.
  • A carry bag to store, transport, and reuse the flag in different locations.

Erecting and assembling custom flags with these components takes less than five minutes. Restaurant owners with small labor forces love using these easy to assemble flags. Unlike large banners or billboards, assembling these flags requires no extra hands.

After restaurant owners assemble their custom flags, they can use them in the following ways –

  • Install them on top of the restaurant’s building to inform large groups of people about the brand.
  • Take them to marketing events, outdoor events, etc., to advertise the restaurant.
  • Place the lightweight, weather-resistant, and portable flags in different locations on the restaurant property. Every visitor should notice these flags.

A custom flag with clever designs and catchy slogans can help attract many customers to restaurants. That’s why so many restaurant owners use these flags.

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