Making The Most Of Green Screen Background For Making Powerful Videos

The green screen technology is one of the wonders of modern times, primarily due to its features to change the shots and the sophistication it lends to videos. From the adventurous high-tech movies to the local news station, the green screen is one of the key aspects to consider when filming videos. 

Gone are the days of on-location shots when weather caused unprecedented delays. Today, you can create the desired background within the studio and eliminate the need to move elsewhere.

The implication of green screen technology:

 If you are yet to witness the effect of green screen technology, you must watch the latest films to figure out the innovative use of this technology. However, the green screen is not new and has been a part of film and video making for several years. Before you know how to use a green screen, it is necessary to become familiar with the following aspects.

  • Green screen

The green screen is the single shade background used to film the shots and later removed to create appropriate backgrounds. Although the single color background can be blue or green, it usually has a green color to make the shots clear and remove the blurriness. The green color is the one-size-fits-all approach for all kinds of films and videos except for a few shots where the blue color is essential. 

  • Keying

Keying refers to the post-production process where the experts remove the green screen background using editing software and turn it transparent. The motive is the removal of digital artifacts.

Using the green screen wisely:

The professional effect of green screens can be achieved with adequate training and proper camera techniques. If you are keen to stay perfect with a green screen, the following points need to stay in your mind.

  • Use of lights

One of the most conspicuous elements of a film or video shoot is the appropriate use of lights. Therefore, faded lights may ruin the effect of light in the video. Moreover, the shadows may also cast an undesirable effect on the making of the video or movies. Overall, the amount of light needs to be appropriate during the filming of videos and ensure that it reaches every part o the screen with the screen but does not fall on the object you need to focus on. 

  • Using the green or blue screen

The green screen you get must be non-reflective, and you need to be careful when choosing the colors. You can also focus on blue screens for emulating the night scenes, but when selecting an appropriate color, you need to compare both before making the final decision. 

Keep the subject away:

When filming movies or videos, you need to keep the subject at a certain distance as it helps in removing unwanted shadows. You need to light the backdrop during the background exposure, and the foreground on the green screen background is adequate.

When filming videos against green screens, you need to hone the basic skills first before mastering the art. If you want to shoot videos within a limited budget, using a green screen is essential. 

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