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A detailed guide to distinct hat styles

Though, people lack knowledge about the exact origin of hats. Yet, everyone knows that most men and women have used a hat for the past few centuries. Paintings of ancient Egypt show men and women wearing straw hats that were conical in shape. People of those times prefer to keep the head cooler by shaving it and covering it with headgear. Hats have evolved as an expression of social and ceremonial services. It is an accessory used by both genders across the globe. Such an expression of fashion has been a significant comeback in the past few years. However, fashion experts have brought about many variations and styles in the newly introduced accessory.

Here are a few categories of headgear worn by most individuals in different seasons and occasions

Headgears for outdoor activities and sports

Many people take part in outdoor activities where hats are one of the most common essentials to protect them from the sun’s heat. Sports players cannot do without headgear. They require headgear to prevent the burning of eyes and skin. There are specific styles of headgears designed to protect individuals from exposure to the sun and snow.

Headgears as a means of fashion

In addition to its functional benefits, hats add class to their outfits. Fashionable headgears such as fedora, floppy hats, and European hats are available in different colors and materials, uniquely expressing styling sense. Fashion influencers use it as a go-to accessory to express elegance and styles.

Following are the few types of headgears most suitable to sports enthusiasts and fashionistas:

Wool and polyester balaclava hats cover most parts of the face. Such headdresses are ideal for athletes leaving out the eyes, nose, and mouth. It protects individuals from harsh weather conditions, and you can adequately wear it under a helmet. Balaclava headdresses became famous in movies where bank robbers used them to hide their identities. However, it is a traditional accessory handmade for people in wars.

Baseball caps

One of the most common functional accessories adopted by people across the globe is a baseball cap. Many individuals wear a baseball cap as a part of the uniform. It is a traditional accessory by individuals in the eighteenth century. During those times, baseball caps got made of straw. Gradually, with the advancement of time, the design got adopted to create a headgear of soft cotton material and a stiff bill. As its name suggests, baseball caps got used by sportsmen of the baseball game and are an essential part of the uniform. Baseball caps are also a part of by police and Navy officials throughout the world. Many professions are using this traditional form of accessory to replace helmets that are heavy to use. The audience to a sports match wears such caps. It is also used by individuals during the morning walks and runs.

Nylon or cotton bucket hats

Bucket hats are a part of military officials’ costumes during wars to protect them from rain and sunlight. Such headgears commonly refer to Irish walking hats. It is designed to protect individuals from harsh weather conditions and is popular among fishers and farmers. This classic style of hat has a sloping brim adding stylish appeal to the functional accessory. It has acquired its popularity from celebrities and media.

Straw garden hats

Garden hearts are commonly used by farmers planting trees under the scorching heat of the sun. Garden hats are generally made from straw to keep the head cool, while gardeners are out in the sunshine. The womens straw cowboy hats are among the most common styles with an adjustable strap, often used by females in hilly areas, leaving them undisturbed during activities. Such lightweight headgears keep the wearer shaded during outdoor work.

Floppy hats

The sun-protective fashionable accessory complements a summer outfit. Wide-brimmed floppy headgears are ideal for beachwear and compliment a bathing suit. Such hats come from polyester material meant for women at the derby race.

Woollen Berets

Soft round headgears made of felt are a part of military uniform. It is a fashionable accessory used by individuals from the 20th century. Such political headpieces are available in different fabrics and colors. Beret headgears are worn by fashion influencers worldwide, adding a classic touch to every outfit.

Sports Visors

While visor hats were traditionally used as sports accessories, it is commonly seen among women at the beach to shield their faces. Visor hats encompass a brim with a strap that goes around the head. Such a piece of headgear is without a crown to facilitate heat loss during summers. 

Visor hats are commonly used for athletic purposes by individuals such as tennis players and other cardio Sports. However, the cap does not protect the wearer from direct sunlight due to the absence of the Crown. It comes with an adjustable band or a fastener at the back of the head to stay fixated.

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