5 Reasons To Redesign Your Business Site

In 2021, few things are more important for a business than having a user-friendly, professional website. To keep up with competitors in your area, your business site needs to show professionalism and consideration for the customer experience. People put strong weight on if a website looks legit, how many reviews there are, and the quality of design.

The idea of a website redesign can seem overwhelming.Understandably, most businesses hold out until it’s absolutely time to fix or redesign their site, but if you have any of the following symptoms, it may be time to revive your business website.

 The Website Is Unresponsive

This is an incredibly important feature because more than 60% of your traffic is likely to come from a tablet or smartphone. If your website is incompatible with all types of mobile devices, your traffic is seriously going to suffer. Not only are you losing a large chunk of traffic from people using tablets or phones, but google is also dinging your searchability points thus making it harder for you to rank organically.

The Site is Difficult To Navigate

Many times this point goes back to having an outdated site. Do you have pages within your site that are not accessible through the main navigation? If yes, you have a problem. Every page within your site should be accessible through the main navigation. Having pages that are buried within pages is a big design no-no.

Conveys An Inaccurate Message

The importance of a clear, concise message can’t be stressed enough when it comes to your business website. Every image, piece of content, and call to action must be intentional and focused on funneling traffic to your products and services. An outdated message can be worse for your conversion than having structural flaws in your site.

Disabled Features And Poor Functionality

If your site is one of those that pops up as a Flash error, there is an issue. Many of the popular plugin programs and components that were needed years ago will now impair your website. Every feature and function on your site needs to stay updated to give you a user-friendly experience and better conversion. Chances are that if your site has a blocked popup, Flash error, or any other inability, customers will move on immediately.

Poor Functionality

As much as nobody wants to admit it, there is an expiration on any web design method and technique. Things that were common ten years ago are no longer effective. Is your website stuck in the HTML days? An outdated site will be spotted by your online audience before they even click on the site, and that’s if Google and other search engines ever give the chance to be seen. 

Website design packages and services like this Phoenix web design shop give you control over your website build and help you create something that will convert sales for years to come. That’s not to say that you will never need maintenance or updates, but it does set you up for success. Design packages give you the power to update, manage, and change your site by yourself. You also receive expert help when it’s time for maintenance and updates, so you can stay up and running all the time.

Website design is the process of digitally planning, designing, and arranging content. To automate their complex business operations and design their WHMCS-based website simply, all web hosting business owners integrate their website with WHMCS.

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