What an Ecommerce SEO Company Can Do for Your Online Store?

With SEO rising in importance during the last 20 years, many eCommerce platforms and website builders now come with easy-to-use SEO tools or enhancers. No need to learn to code, they claim, to get your page up and running and be completely SEO optimized. With these SEO-friendly features, why should anyone need an eCommerce SEO Company?

Let’s find out.

Properly Optimize Your Website for Search Engines

Some many nifty tools and features provide a fast and automated way to optimize your eCommerce store. However, these only work for a few days. As soon as you start customizing your storefront with templates, adding product descriptions, and fleshing out the structure of your eCommerce website, SEO inevitably goes out the window.

One of the reasons is that when plugins start interacting with each other, they need to be tweaked so they don’t step on each other’s feet. They come with some default settings that allow them to work in apparent harmony with each other. However, if you want to strip them out of redundant processes, or activate their most powerful features without breaking anything, you need to know what you’re doing.

Pages that use vanilla templates and plugins normally underperform in terms of load speeds, URL structures, and other technical on-page aspects that are crucial for favorably positioning your page in search results.

Improve Conversions on Your Site

Traffic is not everything. Maybe you start generating some decent traffic, which might send Google a positive signal for improving your rankings. However, if this traffic immediately hits the back button on their browsers, you will have abnormally high bounce rates, which is a no-no for search engines.

eCommerce SEO companies specialize in creating websites that not only bring in more leads. Your online store must also offer your users clear clues on where to find what they are looking for while providing a seamless customer experience. This is done by creating attractive visual cues, professionally written sales copy and content, and an intuitive and fast checkout or conversion process.

In-Depth Keyword Research

Every eCommerce business owner nowadays knows how to do a decent job at finding high-value keywords. They also know that they must use them in titles, meta titles, headings, descriptions, and anywhere they can fit them.

However, what they don’t seem to realize is that their competitors and their cousins are also targeting the same keywords.

Today, keyword research not only requires specialized tools. It also requires intensive data analysis to discover the always elusive long-tail keywords that provide Google’s AI-powered engine with the necessary contextual information it needs to deem a website worthy of the first page.

Create Engaging Content: SEO, Content Marketing, and On-Page Optimization

Without high-quality content, any eCommerce marketing strategy amounts to nothing. People using search engines want answers to their queries and expect solutions to their problems. Google knows this and prioritizes websites that give their users what they want depending on their search intent.

If they enter a what, how, why type of question, they will show their users the pages that best answer them. If they ask where, how much, or just enter the name of a product or service, the results are completely different.

Now, the type of content you should create varies depending on your industry and your unique business goals. You might be able to answer your visitor´s questions because you are indeed an authority in your business. But without an optimized copy that also converts, you risk getting traffic that is not actually interested in converting. 

These three reasons alone are enough for anyone to recognize the value of getting the help of a professional eCommerce SEO agency. However, if you want to learn more about the powerful ways experienced SEO experts can help your business grow in the long term, contact 1Digital Agency, and talk to one of their digital marketing specialists.

However, what they don’t seem to realize is that their competitors and their cousins are also targeting the same keywords. Standing out from the swarm of your web hosting business rivals is a challenging challenge that becomes harder with time. As a result, the above-mentioned short and basic techniques must be implemented in order to generate an edge for your venture.

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