What are the prime drawbacks of electric vehicles that you should know?

Electric vehicles are quite popular nowadays, and we usually listen to their traits. However, electric transports also have remarkable disadvantages, and it is better to know about them in advance. For sure, they have many benefits such as eco-friendliness, noise-free etc. It is not difficult to decide on your next car or electric vehicle, but knowing the truth always helps.  

Service station inconvenience

The enlargement of electronic vehicles is yet not at the proper level. Due to these issues, there are very few service stations. The service station is the place where vehicles are refueled with electricity. They may not be visible even after travelling a long distance.

For frequent travelers, it can be very inconvenient. Imagine you are stuck with some technical issue in the middle of a highway with no possible help around you. Isn’t it like a nightmare coming true? In most cases, people fail to pay attention to this aspect. Perhaps they are just excited about trying an electric vehicle. It mostly happens with those who buy such vehicles for the first time.

The higher cost is always a concern

Electric cars are more expensive than diesel and petrol cars. It is the reason that sometimes people prefer to buy other vehicles. At present, the second challenge with e-vehicles is that these vehicles are not as powerful as petrol and diesel vehicles.

Due to high cost, the people have to take more amounts in a car loan. For poor credit people, approval can be a more significant issue. Most of the options have higher interest rates, and you need to find cheaper rates. If you also need funds, you can consider alternatives to the legit loans for bad credit people in Ireland

Low range and speed

Electric cars have a very short range, with which you can not plan to go on long journeys at all. The longest range car is said to have a range of 450 km. Besides this, the maximum speed of electric cars is also much lower than cars with IC engines. It is like the bad news of the wanderlusts.

The physical efficiency of a car is always important. The mileage and the body, and the speed all are important. But in the case of the electric vehicle, it is not possible. They are considered low speed and low range alternatives to the other fuel-based vehicles.  

Slow charging

Oops, this can be a big issue for anyone in a hurry to rush to a place. In the morning hours, it can be not very pleasant. The slow charging issue with electric vehicles is always a headache. Those who have used such cars already know and explain how it feels to get stuck in this situation.

The engine-based vehicles take a short time to refuel while the electric ones take hours to charge. Isn’t that so annoying? The charging of these vehicles is very slow. Why will anyone want to spend so much time refueling a vehicle in this hectic life?

Expensive Recharging Options

It can always be expensive to recharge electric vehicles, as they need to be taken to the recharge point. If you get something for recharging at your home, that is also expensive. Your electricity bill may increase thoroughly and can disturb your monthly budget badly.

It is possible to recharge the vehicle only through a high voltage electric current. That can be a rare thing to fund because there are already a few numbers of charging stations. Due to this reason, it becomes vital to think twice before you buy a car with the electric feature.

Low selling price if you want to resale

Even though the maintenance of fuel-powered vehicles incurs many costs, selling them also takes a reasonable price. In electric vehicles, the cost reduces up to 3 times the actual cost that you paid. It can be a big reason for many.   

The capacity of a used electric car decreases significantly, which is a big factor if you want to sell it. Due to this factor, you get a low price at the time of resale. It is better to buy such a car only when you have no intention to resale it after some time. It will be of no use.

Low energy

Electric vehicles have to be charged in a recurring manner. Besides this, if you give more load on the vehicle, it can thoroughly reduce its capacity. Electric vehicles always have lower energy and capacity as compared to other fuel-based vehicles.

This issue is a cause of chaos for the vehicle owners. In the review section of any automobile company, you can read about people who face this issue. However, at the same time, you can also understand how people tackle such circumstances. It can help you manage your circumstances.

Chaos for fuel producing countries

You probably know that many countries have importance only because of the fuel they deliver to the world. The economies of many countries run on fuel sales, such as Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Oman etc. The electric car trend can cause them financial harm.

Epidemics may occur in such countries in case of a considerable decrease in fuel-based vehicles. It is not an exaggeration to say that electric vehicles can cause chaos for the countries that produce fuel.

A fewer quantity of users of electrical vehicles 

Due to the high price of an electrified vehicle, it is not straightforward to afford it for anyone. It is why normally it is considered that only the rich people can afford to use an electric car or vehicle. A big reason behind the high cost is the less production of electric vehicles.

The imbalance between demand and supply ratio, the goods become expensive and financially unbearable. However, as we know, the world is ready to embrace a nature-friendly lifestyle, this complication will solve. People now want to act nature-friendly, and in future, they can demand electric vehicles more.


It is really important to see the other side of the coin when you buy an electric vehicle. Yes, there are many disadvantages of fuel-based vehicles, and electric cars are better. You should indeed purchase such vehicles, but you can at least manage the issue when you know the reality. Otherwise, if something comes to you as a stunning surprise, it can be challenging to get used to it after making the purchase.

However, at the same time, we cannot underestimate the role of these eco-friendly vehicles in creating a better world. After all, after taking so much from nature, we need to work sensibly. It is necessary to leave a cleaner world for the next generation.

Description: Read the drawbacks of electric vehicles and understand what causes issues for the buyers and what people should consider before buying.

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