6 Ways Why SEO and Website Design Should Go Together?

SEO and Website Design Overview

Many factors play in trying to improve your website’s performance. It is important to remember that focusing on only one or two elements isn’t enough. In digital marketing, all the things that play out in creating a website are equally necessary for the overall performance.

SEO and web design are two factors that if done properly, will offer more advantages than what one might expect.

If you are interested in what are the advantages of creating a website that has SEO and website design working together, read on for more info.

6 Ways Why SEO and Website Design is the Perfect Match

  1. Mobile-Friendliness

As screens now fit in our pocket, having mobile-friendly websites is important. Gone are the days when a bulky personal computer is the only way to surf.

Mobile-friendly websites belong to the future and the future is here. If your website does not have this quality yet, then you might be a few decades behind.

In 2015, Google decided mobile-friendliness as a factor in ranking. Two years later, the same tech giant introduced mobile-first indexing. Both these factors make it easy to qualify which websites have caught on and have not.

Since more than half of all website traffic comes from mobile devices, you need to cater to your audience in that arena too. If not, you might be accidentally losing half of your potential users. If you’re talking about substantial turnout, then you don’t want to miss such a big number.

Note that if your website has a high bounce rate since it loads slowly on a phone or tablet, which sends a bad impression to Google. When Google perceives that it does so, your rankings will suffer.

  1. Easy-to-Read Design

For websites that put SEO as a priority, that means the content has also been on top of the list. Some websites don’t have a strong website design. Some people don’t know it and unintentionally doing a disservice to the content.

Having proper web design lets users enjoy reading the content more. With contents having properly set up on the website itself, users will want to stay for what they came for.

You need to give users the information they searched for and make them stay by serving that information in a presentable way.

Designs as simple as a light-coloured text on a light background can make or break pages. These kinds of designs have a mid to late 90s vibe which is the last thing you would want for your website.

So be wary not just with the colour, but also with the text and the overall appearance of your content.

Your website does not only have to be mobile-friendly. It also has to be easy to read on any device. People these days usually just skim texts. So your website has to give information as quickly and effectively as possible.

  1. Website Speed

Google hates slow websites. So, you better be quick in identifying what’s slowing down yours. Your website design plays a big role in the loading speed of your website. As this factor is one of the most important aspects of SEO, it is also one of the common problems on many websites.

If you find out that your site is not going on top no matter how well you do your content, then you must know why people are bouncing in a blink.

Note that page speed is noted as a ranking signal. To have a good signal, you need to speed up your site by taking care of the following:

  • Optimizing Your Images
  • Eliminating Unnecessary Plugins
  • Allowing Browser Caching
  1. Sitemaps

Having a sitemap helps a search engine be smarter in crawling your website. It guides them regarding all the pages and content of the site. In this way, search engines know what pages are most relevant to your site.

If you have a large website, then a sitemap is truly a must.

  1. Gaining Users’ Trust

There is no telling how much people trust your website or your brand. The tricky part is there is almost no chance of changing a negative opinion about your site. So to gain their trust, you should trust what’s naturally expected when one opens a site:

You need a clean website that is easy to navigate. Quickly give the information the user wants. These things add up to your credibility and show up in the bounce rate of your site.

A bad website will make it look like your business or organization simply doesn’t put in much effort.

Boosting Brand Awareness

A website that has a fantastic social media presence echoes how much a website owner cares. Capturing external links comes easily this way. If your website design makes it worth clicking and staying on the right pages, then your job is done.

SEO for Website Design

Having SEO and web design that works best for your website can be challenging. Many factors play out and dealt right, then everything might be compromised. You need to properly handle the following:

  • The Design
  • The Content
  • The Programming
  • The Marketing
  • The Optimization Techniques

Every web designer must respect the fact that everything on the site will eventually be optimized. 

Best SEO and Web design Company to Look for

When looking for the best web design company to handle SEO and design of your site, you must find one that:

  • Are an expert in content management
  • Are expert in programming which accommodates calls to actions
  • Are expert in marketing as far as optimization is involved
  • Are expert in handling communication between the SEO specialist and design team

All these website design services play out in crafting a smooth transition from simple web development to SEO web design that works. SEO services are as optimum as the website design. The right company should know that.


Aside from the content, you should also focus on your SEO and website design. All of these factors help your website have lower bounce rates. If the numbers are right, then search engines will read your website as fantastic. 

The goal of every website is not just to appear on the first page. But to also make a user stay. To find an SEO and web design company that knows what to do. Luckily, we at Web Digital knows just what to accomplish. 
Tell us your SEO and website design goals and we will tell you how to achieve and maintain them

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