What are the Best Stores That are Providing Branded Lipstick Online in Pakistan.

Lipstick is unquestionably a go-to beauty item, whether for a fast fix or a more detailed party look. The price of lipstick in Pakistan varies depending on the quality, texture, and brand. For some people, the branded lipstick price is unacceptably costly. It is the most significant makeup since it rapidly transforms the face from drab to diva and has some skin advantages. Many lipsticks with sun protection chemicals shield your lips from damaging UV rays. Lipstick hydrates because it contains substances such as Aloe Vera and/or vitamin E. If you choose the proper shade of lipstick, it will define your lips and brighten your smile. Wearing lipstick can help you complete your image, whether you want to appear more credible in a professional situation or more sensual on a date night. Heavy metals such as cadmium, magnesium, and chromium are found in lipsticks. All of these metals have the potential to cause serious diseases and organ damage. Extremely high cadmium levels can raise the risk of renal failure. Lipstick application on a regular basis can result in severe stomach tumors.  


Vegas Cosmetics is one of Pakistan’s largest cosmetics retailers. We have over 500 international cosmetics brands, including high-end and drugstore brands. They are always bringing new and popular brands to Pakistan, and they are adding new brands on a monthly basis based on client demand. is a family-owned company that focuses in importing and selling original makeup on their website. Some of the high-end brands you purchase, from Sephora and other reputable international retailers. They always maintain new and fresh inventory on hand for our customers. Makeup, Perfumes, Skin Care, Hair Care, Bags, and Professional Hair Care are some of the categories dealt with by Vegas.

Just4girls is Pakistan’s leading online retailer. It is the premier beauty destination for all of your cosmetics and skin care requirements, as well as fragrances and accessories. Since its inception five years ago, has grown to become the leading national online retailer, offering all of your favorite cosmetic products in one place. Thousands of your favorite beauty products, from budget-friendly to well-known luxury brands, are available across all categories and price points. We are committed to providing unrivalled customer service. is not only your one-stop online shop, but we also provide makeup tips and lessons from Pakistani beauty bloggers. 


Cozmetica is a well-known online cosmetics company. Cozmetica is a simple online shopping site where you can find high-quality things at a reasonable price. Cozmetica began in 2018 and has already created a major online presence in Pakistan as a result of our diverse range of beauty goods across all categories, unbiased advice from beauty experts, collaborative customer service, and marketing innovation. Cozmetica is committed to being Pakistan’s greatest online beauty purchasing website and leading the market in the next years. The objective of Cozmetica is to create an unparalleled beauty shopping experience while also inspiring and honoring originality. Cozmetica invites customers to explore the world of beauty and health from a completely neutral and impartial standpoint, owing to their ongoing expertise, innovation, and entrepreneurial drive. Cozmetica is the most popular online cosmetics retailer in Pakistan. Cozmetica specializes in skincare, hair care, cosmetics, personal care, and infant care, among other things. The Ordinary, Pixi, Neutrogena, Elf, Makeup Revolution, Maybelline New York, CeraVe, Cetaphil, Loreal Paris, Garnier, CoNatural, Clean & Clear, and other well-known skincare brands are represented on Cozmetica’ s panel. The branded lipsticks price and the price of lipstick in Pakistan varies depending on the manufacturer, texture, quality, and so on. Cozmetica makes certain that you get lipsticks at an affordable price. 

Lucious Cosmetics

At Luscious Cosmetics, they take the beauty industry very seriously. The company was formed with the goal of producing high-quality cosmetics at a low cost while never sacrificing on ingredients or ethics. To provide clean, safe, skin-loving makeup that complements your skincare, we custom blend each product, taking care to source the best ingredients from certified sources all around the world. Their primary formulators are super-talented women who adore cosmetics just as much as you do, using cutting-edge R&D science and safety testing standards while retaining their great, signature color payoff and performance. As a female-led independent firm, they are enthusiastic about developing simple, effective products that you will want to use every day. Lipsticks that hydrate and treat lips, powders that regulate oil and eradicate shine, and setting sprays infused with soothing skin care components to seal in your makeup artistry, all while never losing sight of their ultimate goals: confidence, glamour. As we all know, branded lipstick prices are always high, but Lucious offers cheap pricing on branded cosmetics as well.

Cozmetica is an online cosmetics store that provides its customers with high-quality items at low costs from well-known brands such as Makeup Revolution Pakistan, ELF, Maybelline, and others. Lipstick prices in Pakistan vary due to varied brands and quality, however Cozmetica ensures that they offer their consumers a reasonable price.

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