Techpally Tips for Better Rankings with Link Building

Building backlinks is the most difficult SEO measure for many website owners, yet, it’s the most important ranking factor on search engines.

Therefore,  Backlinks are very important for the success of your website since the best quality traffic you attract to your website comes from the search engines.

I’ve tried a lot of backlink sources on my own websites.  With active link building, I quickly got into the top 10 and have been even higher since then.

Let’s talk about the rudiments of link building and how important they’re to your website growth and marketing.

The importance of backlinks for Google ranking

Backlinks are still very important for ranking in Google. While on-page optimization has become significantly important. Backlinks still offer much more to ranking and visibility of your website. 

This is also shown by analyzes of the top 10 in Google by various SEO professionals.

And in many niches it is inevitable to build up a strong backlink profile due to the tough competition, otherwise you won’t even make it into the top 10.

Therefore, you can’t really afford to neglect building backlinks to your website, says Techpally boss.

Which backlinks set is good for you?

Before I get to the specific backlink sources, here are a few basic tips.

When building backlinks manually, you should be careful not to always set links to your own homepage. 

Although these links make up a large part of the overall link profile, a website also has backlinks to subpages and individual articles.

Otherwise, it looks unnatural. Deeplinks to important pages should therefore also be aimed for.

In addition, you should pay attention to a relatively even backlink structure.

So don’t just get a lot of backlinks once, but a few every now and then.

 Sometimes more, sometimes less is normal and okay, businesspally advised.

Practical tip for better backlinks

Instead of always linking directly to your own website, you should also try the stacking method . 

In doing so, you “put together” several backlink sources (third-party websites) and only link your own website at the end.

In this way, the backlinks pass on their power one after the other and in the end the link to our website is ideally even more valuable. 

For example, you can link from a business directory to your own online service profile and from there to your own free blog and from there to the actual target website.

 Multiple backlinks to previous websites in this chain are also possible. It is important here, however, that they are all follow links.

The point of the matter is not to get so many weaker backlinks to the website itself, but rather fewer backlinks, which are then more valuable, Akin chaktty affirmed.

In general, you should pay attention to the following things when building a backlink:

  • The backlinks should primarily come from websites that are thematically relevant. In terms of content, you should therefore match your own website.
  • Follow backlinks are of course better, but nofollow backlinks also belong in a normal backlink profile.
  • When building backlinks manually, it is particularly worthwhile to rely on websites with a lot of domain authority (trust from Google).
  • You shouldn’t exaggerate any of the following measures. A good mix makes it.


Link building should be one of the most important part of your website growth strategies.

While link building is capital expensive, high budget does not mean you can get good result from your link building.

Your backlink profile should be a mix of nofollow and follow backlinks, in fact, recommend more nofollow link profile in order to be in a safe net.

You should also diversify your backlink profile by getting links from a large varieties of sites, both contextual and non-contexual links.

In general, you should prioritize quality than quantity while building links to your website.

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