For A Successful Career in Astrology You Must Take the Help of Astrology

Career prediction based on the date of birth is a very important part of a career in astrology. If you do not choose the right profession, you will have career problems in your professional life. You will not get success and satisfaction. So, today I will discuss the profession from the point of view of astrology. 

Are you not sure which field to choose for your career? Which professional field will bring you growth and success? You may confuse yourself on whether your field of interest will bring you future opportunities and success –

  • Your career horoscope will guide you to choose a job that will allow you to live a successful life with ease. Read today’s career horoscope.
  • You are almost on your way to a good start. Likewise with one’s profession.
  • If you choose the right profession, it can lead to new success.
  • Profession and astrology mix together. and career astrology is the best tool for determining one’s profession or field of luck. along with exact dates and events in one’s life.
  • This can be a guide for students in the current scenario, especially when choosing their subject or field of education.

The tenth ruler along with other planetary movements influence your career in astrology

Professional astrology is one of the most important parts of a career in astrology today era. The tenth house, together with the support of the fifth house, determines the profession. According to the sage law of Parashar, parameters should be there. It is to determine the profession. planet in the tenth house, the position of the tenth lord in another house, a combination of the tenth lord with other planets.

  • We know that Sun represents the administrative and management functions.
  • According to my career in astrology, the sun also puts pressure on an individual’s immune system.
  • So the field of a profession can relate to high positions, and can also concentrate on politics.
  • He can also be a healer. If we associate a company with it, it could be a herbal product manufacturer or a position in an organization related to the same product.

How does the moon influences careers in astrology?

When the moon is in the tenth house. a creative and imaginary moon shows your interest in the profession, whether creativity or aqua or dairy products. Agriculture can be another area of ​​individual interest.

And the same is true in the case of individual planets in the tenth house or the position of the planets on the Navamsa map. if there are no planets in the tenth house, the subject area of ​​one’s profession is with the meaning of the planetary realm.

Choosing the right profession is very important because you can’t do your best in a field that you don’t like. If you’re not sure which field to choose or you want someone to guide you. 

You can definitely talk to an astrologer or consult our panel of world-renowned astrologers. Also, find the most suitable job for you according to Kundli Reading for Career.

Your chances in various fields according to a career in astrology

The Vedic astrology career prediction free can reveal a lot to a person. A person’s birth month reflects their zodiac sign, and each zodiac sign has different characteristics. So, according to the characteristics of each zodiac, each profession is suitable according to the zodiac.

  • Cancer people can choose jobs related to the marine environment.
  • Locals can make great teachers and excellent lecturers.
  • Locals born in the Virgo zodiac sign should go for office or bookkeeping work.
  • Law as a profession is the most suitable subject for people belonging to the zodiac sign Libra.
  • People with the sign of Scorpio should work in a pharmacy.
  • Sagittarius locals make excellent teachers and tutors.
  • Mining-related jobs are best suited for those belonging to the Capricorn zodiac sign.
  • Most educators and philosophers belong to the sign of Aquarius. Hence, it is the most suitable career choice for people belonging to this zodiac sign.
  • The Pisces zodiac sign can choose a career related to marine activities.

Know what house influence your career in astrology

If one wants to find a job in the government sector, one can consult a professional astrologer for advice and of course about treatment. If the 10th, 6th, and 11th houses are favourable according to a career in astrology. there is a high chance that the person will get a government job while they are still alive. Everyone wants a successful and luxurious life. but this can only happen if the locals choose the same career opportunities that astrology thinks are right for them.

  • The planets that affect the 10th house in the local horoscope.
  • The tenth house is the master of power and self-respect.
  • Transit planets and their effects on other planets.
  • The planets are aspects of the 10th house.
  • Position of planets in Navamsa map.
  • The tenth house in astrology is karmasthana. It provides information about a person’s career and occupation.

Career choice is a very important step in our life and if among other things, we want to build a successful personality, then it is very important to choose a career that is according to our free career astrology prediction or preferred by experienced astrologers.

Planets have a huge influence over your successful career in astrology

The most suitable professions according to the position of the planets in your free career astrology:

  1. Moon: Moon is a very cool and calm planet. As a result, he presents work related to creativity and beauty. This includes jobs in the media, film industry, fashion design and more.
  2. Sun: Planet Sun leads to government jobs and jobs that must lead and management skills.
  3. Mars: Mars is an aggressive and violent planet. The planet brings jobs related to construction, real estate trading, goods, etc.
  4. Mercury: The planet Mercury deals with calculations and analysis. So, the most suitable jobs related to this planet are accountant, certified accountant, math or arithmetic teacher and so on.
  5. Jupiter: Planet Jupiter makes people wise and strengthens their intelligence. So, the planet Jupiter can improve one’s teaching skills and also make one a good adviser or writer.
  6. Venus: Planet Venus brings luxury, name and fame. The works related to Planet Venus include fashion design, modelling, acting, and more.
  7. Saturn: Planet Saturn is a fair planet and jobs related to this planet are there to stonework like textile production, labour and others.
  8. Rahu and Ketu: These are shadow planets, they can give the cheapest results when placed in cheap homes, but they can also take everything from their homes when placed in unpleasant homes.
  9. The works related to these planets are pharmaceutical products, import and export of chemicals and medicines, etc.

Always check your career in astrology predictions to make sure you don’t make any mistakes in your path of life

Assessing professional skills is one of the most difficult fields in a career in astrology. Sometimes charts provide a clear picture that makes it easy to see the professional direction. More often, but, it is a mixed bag that is not subject to simple categorization. But, if we follow some of the basic rules of Vedic astrology (along with some Western ideas), we can see possible areas of human secular involvement. And with some of Jyotish’s unique timing techniques, we can predict when is the best time for career development.

In Vedic astrology predictions, career judges the influences of the great houses and planets. The most important house is the first house or the first lie. If we only had one house to analyze before making a decision, that would be it. The first house represents humanity as a whole, and so the planets or aspects here can form the human worldview, which reflects the meaning of the planets.

The first ruler of the house or the lie is also important. Pisces aspiring people who have a false Jupiter that is there for Venus will likely need to express that side of Venus in some basic ways in their lives. But that only limited our options a bit, as Venus covers a wide range of training opportunities. It could be art, entertainment, beauty and cosmetics, or prostitution, to name a few. We can narrow down this choice even further by looking at other key factors in the icon.

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