Five Pitfalls To Avoid When Outsourcing to a Website Development Company

Web development is pertinent to a business as the online presence will be the first impression that your business will leave on people. Outsourcing is a great option if you’re looking for website applications, maintenance, and upgrading, or any website development services. It works for people who aren’t looking for a full-time team and can save up on money using the outsourcing option.

Businesses often make mistakes while outsourcing- mistakes that can be avoided with a little caution and research on how to avoid falling into pitfalls. You might be asking what are these pitfalls and how can one avoid them? We have got you covered. Read the article to know tips to save yourself the next time.

Following are the Pitfalls That You Need to Avoid While Outsourcing For Website Development Services and Other Tasks:

  1. Better Late Than Sorry: Wait Before You Choose!

While outsourcing, businesses shouldn’t rush and do their due research before choosing someone for the task. Sometimes, the time isn’t right for outsourcing as you might have the expertise, and external help might just complicate things. It is important to research your targeted market and audience before you outsource to a website development company or an expert. You should an idea of the resources that will be required to communicate efficiently with an external team and keep track of the progress. Communication is crucial to the timely completion of the project as oftentimes; projects are outsourced for a fixed period and fixed prices. 

  1. Failing to Meet Objectives and Deadlines of the Project:

If you haven’t laid down the objectives of the project, you should wait and establish clear objectives and intended goals for the project because otherwise, you won’t be able to clearly outline and communicate the objectives to your team. The result might not meet your expectations and that will cause unnecessary delays and reruns. 

A web development project is intended to achieve certain objectives. It might be how your audience is going to find the user experience? How much traction it is getting? What will determine the success of your project? These questions should be kept in mind beforehand to measure the outcome of your project. The objectives should be viewed in the long and short term for evaluation. It will allow you to have an idea if you need further collaboration with the same website development team to strategize the plan for the project. The project will be an extension and addition to the overall business strategy and it should be thought through. 

  1. The Wrong Website Development Team for the Right Project:

The web development team and you will be working as a team ideally. There should be easy and clear channels of communication between you and the team members for the smooth working of the project. You should hire a web development company/team that exhibits prior experience of working on the same projects having the same requirements including the special requirements/features of your project.

To find a good fit and an experienced website development team, you should conduct thorough research: ask questions about their experience in the industry and projects, ask for portfolios of all the members, examine their online work profiles, and feedback on those. Discuss the approach they have in mind for your project and how are they plan to go about it, the preferred means of communications, how they are going to encounter any problems that come along the way. These will give you an idea of to what appeals you in a team and what are you looking for. Choosing the right team is pertinent to the success of your project and will help you achieve the outlined objectives. 

  1. How to Deal with Cultural and Language Barriers:

Cultural fit and the same language are always outlined as the plus to having an in-house website development team and a disadvantage of outsourcing. When you are outsourcing for a project, you will have a pool of talent to choose from but it will be diverse. It will have people with different cultural backgrounds having different languages as their mode of communication. 

Problems stemming from cultural differences and language barriers can be taken care of by setting out a strategy at the onset of the project. Hiring a web development company that can assist you with these problems is one way to deal with them. They will make sure that the working language is being followed, time zones are aligned and everyone is respectful and considerate of other members. Outline a system of communication and time zone if you are hiring individual developers and track the project process daily. Try to communicate and break the ice to make everyone comfortable enough to share if they encounter any problems. 

  1. Terms of Contract:

Before starting the project, you should be clear about the service legal agreements, requirements for the project, other factors about overwork and issues, etc should be laid out in advance. If you haven’t done that then you probably are looking at disappointment, hassle, and frustrating moments. You would like to save yourself the hassle to go over the terms of the contract after encountering some mishaps and unpleasant situations. Prepare yourself and get a contract signed by both parties containing all the information. 

For example, if you encountered a problem that delayed the project, how is this going to affect the pricing of your project? This should be clearly stated in the project to avoid any arguments later on.


This guide will serve you the next time you outsource a project to make sure that you’re choosing the best website development company for your project. These are important for beginners in the field as they often struggle with making the right choices. If you plan on outsourcing for your projects then you should have a basic knowledge of the advantages and disadvantages it entails. This read will save you time and energy and will add to your knowledge to avoid red flags in the future.

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