Budding From Freelancing To an Agency Owner

There are many pros and cons to being a freelancer. If you like to work on your terms with no boss then freelancing is the best way to go. However on the other side of the coin being a freelancer you have to always keep looking for a new project. The smooth flow of business is not possible until you are established as a freelancer. You have to consistently hunt for new clients and projects because freelancers often work on pre-projects. If this is the issue you are experiencing then it is advised that you start as a small setup of a productized agency. This way you get billing for your project instead of getting paid for working hours. 

It’s difficult to get project one after another and this fact cannot be ignored. Hourly projects not only waste your time, but you also get financially upset. You can spend all those hours on one complete project and put in your effort and time. This way you are also going to be paid well. 

Also, many freelancers face the stress of what the future will bring. Will there be enough projects in the next month? When you are a freelancer you have no guarantee of a cash flow and even projects. Sometimes you are jumping out of joy for getting enough projects. Other days you are desperately looking for projects. You can look for projects on platforms like Indian Social Media App, Facebook groups, and LinkedIn social media, still, you are not fail-safe with the work. So, it’s time to get one step ahead and transform your freelancing into an agency.

Transformation from a freelancer to agency

Before you dive into this idea make one thing very clear in your mind. You cannot get established in just one night no matter how big the idea is. To be great you need to grow slowly and start an agency. So, if you have thought of productization it is better to know what challenges you are going to face on your way. 

  • The first thing is the management of the projects. As a freelancer, you might get tempted to have one more project, but a lack of team and resources can spoil it. In this condition, you must go for outsourcing. Initially, you must have helped so that you can deliver projects on time. 
  • If you are thinking of launching a product, then this is complicated. It can be an eBook, online course, or software. Just keep in mind not everyone gets successful. 

It is not impossible to be victorious; you just need a clear picture of your idea. You must combine your services along with products. This is the mantra of successful freelancers having agency. Dropship is one platform where you can have a website along with your domain and logo. You just have to buy a readymade template. There are premium features available which you can choose like readymade templates, store design, etc. 

Existing services productizing

There is one great way by which you can expand your business. One way is to switch from freelancing to producing an agency. This process is also getting productizing. Productizing is a digital marketing technique. You do not put a price tag on your offerings and sell them through a cart. It means that you are niching down all of your core offerings, optimizing the methodology, and smoothly running your business with a guaranteed profit. One of the biggest advantages of establishing productized agency is that 

  • It gets very simple to craft marketing campaigns
  • You know who are your ideal clients

All this will eliminate the effort you will put to hunt projects. Now, you can do this with your marketing campaigns. You can use any method paid ads, content marketing, or go for referrals. You will have to build a marketing strategy. Think about what is best for you, who are your competitors, and then experiment with your ideal strategies. 

What should you choose to productize?

This is something challenging to decide when it comes to productizing? If you are having existing services then you must analyze everything from what you need to what you are going to add. For instance, if you are a content writer and offer writing services then you must decide on niches. Your clients are going to be from different niches some will be bloggers, some will be having their own business, etc. every business has a website and the content on their website attracts clients. Not all writers will be able to fulfill their needs. 

When you do productize you have a website, you know which niche is best for you to write easily. You can market yourself as an all-rounder writer along with the niches explained. You can use feedback from your previous clients, you can use a published blog or any previously written work, etc. this way you can use an exclusive portfolio to attract new clients. You are portrayed differently from all the other writers who are just freelancers. The next thing you can do is bundle your packages. With this approach, you will give a good impression and value to your clients. 

  • You can give your clients monthly or weekly packages
  • Detailed infographics for one time
  • Illustrations for one time

Portrayed everything clearly so that no interpretations take place. Make clear what are your services, no refunds possible, link to your policies, and also add discounts and subscriptions. 

Final verdict

Jumping from freelancing to the agency is certainly not easy. Freelancers must adapt themselves and take one step ahead. There are platforms like Facebook, Indian Social Media App where productizing is offered. If you will do it correctly you will be rewarded. With skills, efforts, and patient you can too own an agency along with freelancing. If you have an agency you are much safer, can easily predict your business, and take steps to save it. You must start working in teams to expand your business. It is a daunting task, but not impossible. Productizing your services and products will guarantee you continuous cash flow. 

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