4 Things You Need to Take Care of When Choosing Winter Work Gloves

If your occupation demands working in cold freezing conditions outside, then you require the best quality winter work gloves. The hands are the most exposed part of our body and it needs all the protection from harsh conditions.

Working too much with your hands exposed to cold freezing conditions can cause hypothermia. The best way to protect your hands is to choose the right pair of winter work gloves.

Picking just any kind of gloves won’t do justice as you need gloves that not only protect your hand from cold but also provide ample warmth and comfort to deliver your job efficiently. When you are out shopping for winter work gloves, here are certain things that you need to take care of.

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1. Waterproof

The perfect winter work gloves must have waterproof properties in them. Keeping your hands dry is an important criterion that needs to be fulfilled when working in cold conditions.

The moisture can get into gloves either from outside or from sweat inside the gloves. In order to prevent moisture getting into the gloves, your gloves must be made of waterproof material.

The insulation that will be inside the gloves will also control the sweat inside the gloves.

2. Insulation Material

The insulation material that is used in the insides of the gloves must be taken care of when choosing for winter work gloves. Depending on your requirement, the insulation material must be picked.

If sweating is a concern for you then you need to go for gloves with insulated materials such as fleece or Thinsulate. These materials absorb the buildup of moisture inside the gloves quickly as they have a fast dry formula.

Whereas in most regular winter work gloves, the insulating material used is boa acrylic. This material offers ample warmth to hands, however, they feel bulky because of its thickness.

3. Palm Coating

When you are choosing winter work gloves, you must also take care of the palm coating. Working in cold weather conditions promotes moisture that results in losing grip of the tools when they are manually used.

With palm coating gloves, you can improve your grip without wasting too much money. Choose winter work gloves that have palm coating made of nitrile or PVC.

The coating works as suction which will keep the tools handy and not lose grip at all.

4. Glove Size

For any type of glove, the size matters a lot. Similarly, for winter work gloves as well, the glove size must be perfect. If the size of the gloves is too big then they will just fall off from your hands.

Whereas, if the gloves are too snug and tight then it will obstruct the movement of your hands. You will have difficulty performing the tasks. Hence, you need to be absolutely sure when choosing winter work gloves if the size is ideal for your hands or not.

If you are purchasing from in-store, then make sure to try the gloves to find your ideal size. However, if you are buying online then make sure to know your size and check out their size guide before ordering.

Also, make sure that the online store replaces the product in case the size of the gloves doesn’t fit your hands.


Winter work gloves are one of the vital protective gears that you need to wear when working in outside cold weather conditions. The best quality gloves need to be chosen and the above enumerated considerations must be taken care of.

Aside from gloves, you are also required to wear proper clothing and other necessary protective gears to avoid any accidents from happening. So, what are you waiting for? Choose the best winter work gloves by keeping these considerations in mind.

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