How can graphic design help your digital marketing campaign?

So, you finally developed chocolates that taste better than those that Godiva and Ferrero Rocher make. After much effort, you design a slick online store. Everything is in place, except for…well there is one key thing missing. Do you know what it is? If you guessed digital marketing, you’re absolutely right.

Digital marketing campaigns are powerful and subtly salesy in terms of their content. But alas, if only great content was enough to drive complete strangers to your site and get them to buy your chocolates right away! No, your campaign needs something else and that something else is graphic design

Why is graphic design important in general?

If you were to sum the official definition of graphic design that you’d find on most websites it would be, “a graphic design is a computer-generated image that appeals to people’s five senses (especially visual) and motivates them to buy!’ Okay, so you probably want that to be explained in plain English, please. In this Era Many Free and Premium Graphic Designing Software and Tools for Graphic designers get them massive ideas to create impressive website design to help those software’s. 

What that definition means is that your digital marketing campaigns will sell much more right away if you include relevant and powerful images in them. Why is this? Well, there are two reasons why. The first is that people are very visually oriented when they consume and process information. The second is that a picture says a thousand words. That’s right, pictures and images tell people information and communicate messages to them that plain words can’t – no matter how powerful and how well written they may be!

How to integrate graphic design into your digital marketing campaign?

Well, have you ever been on Instagram? Yeah, that’s a popular social media platform where people post funny pictures of their cats! Well, Instagram is useful for much more than this. This social media platform can take your digital marketing campaigns places. The reason for this is because Instagram is very image-oriented.

Unlike as is the case with Facebook, you upload pictures on Instagram and write brief but powerful descriptions about them. And do you want to know something? It works! In fact, more and more people are consulting Instagram and other major social media platforms for information and advice before making a buying decision. That number is approximately 75%. Well, go look it up online if you don’t believe me. You’ll be seeing similar stats mentioned on the websites there.

But social media platforms are not the only place to advertise

Okay, so the world is going digital and most people use some form of social media at least occasionally in their lives. There are a few people who don’t use social media. They say that they don’t have the time for it. They are also not comfortable with posting pictures of their lives on platforms where the rest of the world can see them – these people love their privacy.

There are many websites that you could advertise your chocolates and your online business on. For example, you could sign up for many online trade directories. 

Believe it or not, you could even guest post for backlinks. That sentence probably made you furl your brow in confusion, right? But the logic is pretty straightforward. In fact, it’s so straightforward that you’ll probably go out and look for sites that you can get backlinks from after you’ve read this article.

Basically, you go to active sites that are reputable. Make sure that these sites have lots of content that is of high quality and regular. Also, make sure that the links on the site are reputable and respected. There’s a little talked about secret in the world of backlinking. If you backlink with sites that have bad links, you’ll be hurting your Google rankings and (eventually) your website. Now, even you can’t afford this!

So, what you do is approach the owner of a particular site and you ask him or her if you can post articles on the site in exchange for him or her letting you post his or her URL to your site. Make sure to get the owner to post your URL on his or her site. VOILA! You’ve done backlinking.

Sometimes, you have to pay for backlinks. But keep in mind that you’re reaching a much wider audience when you do backlink. Oh, and make sure that your guest posts are loaded with awesome looking images. This will make your backlinking strategy even more powerful!

Digital marketing is not complete without graphic design

Text can only say so much. You don’t really have a digital marketing campaign if you’re not inserting powerful images into your text in critical areas!

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