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Home Improvements: Important Tips To Note
Before Moving

A lot of people are moving this time of year. Whether it’s because they got a promotion, decided to start new with their family, or want a change in scenery. But as you move into your new place, some home improvements should be noted and taken care of before the big day! This article will give you helpful tips, so your transition is as smooth as possible.

Interior Painting

You might be surprised how easy it is to paint a room when you don’t have any in there. Think about the mess of having to move all your stuff out before and then back into place after painting, but if you do it on an empty floor plan beforehand, that’s one less headache for you! So whether hiring professionals or going solo yourself (or with friends), interior painting should be something up high on your list.

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Winter-proof Your House

There is still time to prepare your house for the winter. But, if you don’t want those outrageous heating costs, make sure that everything in your home is adequately insulated and change out furnace filters regularly too!

Fix Your Walls, Flooring, and Carpets

Before you move into your new home, make sure to clean and fix what is left of the walls. Scratching up those floors would be very disrespectful! Check out that carpet, too, for any stains or snags before it becomes a permanent mark on your wall-to-wall masterpiece.

Get An Upgrade For Your Closet Shelving

In your new home, you may be tempted to add all of the furnishings for a perfect room. But before this happens and clutter starts building up everywhere, install some extra shelving in your closet space. This way, when things start getting cluttered, they can quickly become organized again.

Change Exterior Locks

Have you changed the exterior locks of your new home yet? If not, then don’t hesitate to change them as soon as possible. The previous owner could have given out a key or code to some untrustworthy person – it’s always best to be safe and secure in one’s own space.

Check Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Alarms

Have you ever found yourself settling into a new home and realizing that the smoke or carbon monoxide alarms don’t even work? Luckily, there are some easy ways to test your alarm before moving in. If they go off when tested, replace them with fresh batteries on move-in day. The last thing anyone wants is for something life-threatening like this to happen after living at their place of residence!

Make Major Renovations

If you know any major renovations will be made before moving in, it is advisable to get them out of the way. To not inconvenience yourself down the road, make sure your new home comes with an upgraded bathroom and kitchen island – knocking down a wall can also help if necessary.


With these tips in mind, Long distance movers to NYC should feel confident about the decision to move. Remember that your home is a place of comfort and security for both yourself and your family members. It’s also important to note that many NYC Moving companies such as can help with any of your relocation needs, so don’t hesitate to reach out if they can be of service!

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